Introduction: Inconspicuous Card Hiding Place

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If you have ever been robbed, you finally decide that some phoney rock or carved out books won't keep your valuables safe. It's time to call in the calvary!

This hollowed out deck of cards is the ULTIMATE hiding place: its small enough to avoid detection and if hidden amongst games, it is almost impossible to distinguish as a hiding place! And if the robbers do look at the deck, the top flap wont just flop off.....

Step 1: Supplies

  • A pack of cards.(expensive is better)
  • 2 types of glue: elders school glue and UHU glue.
  • A thing to mix glue in.
  • An electric drill.
  • 1/8 drill bit


  • A ruler.
  • 2 clamps.
  • 2 pieces of wood about the size of the cards.
  • A paintbrush for the glue.

Step 2: 5 Card Flap

  1. With the glue stick, glue the 5 cards together to form your top flap.
  2. Put aside.

Step 3: 10 Card Bottom

  1. With the glue stick, glue 10 cards together to serve as the bottom.
  2. Put aside.

Step 4: The Rest of the Cards....

  1. Put the rest of the cards on top of one piece of wood, and put the other on top.
  2. Clamp it down.

Step 5: Mixing the Glue

  1. Put about equal amounts of UHU glue and school glue to form what I call.... UHUSCHOOL.

Step 6: Glue the Sides

With your UHUSCHOOL glue the sides of the remaining clamped cards.

Step 7: Remove From Clamps

self explanatory, BUT, for the people that REALLY need it...

1) Put your hand on the clamp.

2) Remove clamp any way possible.

Step 8: Mark

Mark 1cm around to form the "walls". Attach this card to the top of the cards from step 5.

Step 9: Drill Holes in Corners

With your drill, drill 4 holes in each corner of the inside walls. Go right through. BLAMO!

Step 10: Cutting Cards

With a Xacto knife, cut the cards going one at a time starting hole to hole.

This takes time, TAKE YOUR TIME!!! If you do it messy, your inner will look messy.

Step 11: Bottoming Out.

Everyone hits rock bottom. Go up. Glue your bottom (cards) to the "rectangular ring"

Glue around the ring and then paste together.

After, put something heavy on it to ensure a nice fit.

Step 12: Inner Glue

Make another mix of UHUSCHOOL and put more on the inside. It will dry clear, don't get your knickers in a knot.

Step 13: Tip Tap Top

Now, glue on your top to complete the build.

Step 14: Done.

You have successfully finished the build. You should put fancy expensive stuff inside so those nasty, No good robbers won't get their greasy, bummy hands on them.



-small watches


-special lockets

Step 15: Epilogue

I have been robbed in the past. Computers, consoles, and jewelry (I think) I don't want those crooks in my house fingering all the special jewlery. NOPE, NOT EVER! You don't either.

So if you think this project is worth a vote, please do.



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