Introduction: Increase Android Internal Memory

Presenting an extremely easy way to use the total available internal space in your phones.

ROOT access
V drive app

Download link :Download

Step 1: Making a V Drive

  1. Start V drive
  2. Go to create drive tab
  3. Make a drive of required space on system or cache partition.

Photos explanation

  1. Started V drive
  2. Making v drive on system partition with default values
  3. Making v drive on system partition with default values
  4. Drive is being made on the system partition
  5. Checking drive state after it is made

Step 2: Now You Have a Virtual Drive

Now you have a virtual drive that stores data in the system or cache partition instead of sdcard. This way you can store more data than before.

Check the photos for proof:

  1. SDcard storage stats before making V drive
  2. Storage stats instead V drive
  3. Storing data in V drive
  4. Checking drive status in V drive app (you can see that the system and vdrive have filled up.
  5. SDcard storage stats after storing data in V drive (you can see that the SDcard partition still has the same free space)

Step 3: Related Links

Download link : Download

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