Introduction: Blackberry Tour Memory Card Hack and How to Fix Your Battery Door

When I first got my Blackberry Tour the battery door would somewhat squeak when I would hold the phone in my hands and type. Me being somewhat persnickity this was unacceptable, but figured it wasn't worth a trip to the store to see about a fix. So, simple and nearly free solution! (only nearly free because nothing in life is reeeeeeeally free)

The second issue was a matter of storage, and I found a way to double my storage- sort of. That's a bit misleading, but on the other hand helpful, so, well, you decide. I think it's very handy no matter how you look at it...

Step 1: Battery Door Squeak Fixed

Fixing the battery door squeak turned out to be a simple matter. I grabbed a piece of paper and cut a template of the battery door. I lined it up and put the battery door back on the phone- or tried to. the only mistake was not having left a cutout for the latch hardware on the door. Once that was resolved, I replaced the battery door and it still squeaked some.

Repeating the cutting out process with a slightly thicker piece of paper (happened to find a page from Sprint about the phone I traded back in and wisely decided to get the Blackberry) which solved the issue.

Step 2: Doubling Your Memory Card Storage Space, Sort Of...

I was shopping for a 16GB memory card recently. My plan was to use it for my personal documents and for syncing music onto so as to not have to carry my iPod, but it turns out I had more on my iPod than I thought, so I would need to get another card to make that all happen. I found a couple of 32GB microSD cards, but they are still over a $100, and just having bought a 16GB card I didn't relish the thought of buying a $100 card.

I thought, maybe, worst case, i could buy another 16GB card when they come down a little bit more in price and just swap out cards when I wanted to use my phone as iPod, but my problem was where I would carry it. I'm trying to pare down on things I carry, not increase. On a whim I took the battery cover off of my phone, thinking that since I had that piece of paper to stop the squeak that was maybe almost as thick as the memory card, maybe I could cut out a rectangle in the paper and keep the memory card in it (secret stuff hidden in the pages of a book style). As it turned out, there was an even easier solution.

Right over the SIM card is a space that almost seems intentionally left there to do just what I am doing with it- store a microSD card! It fits beautifully, and the paper that stops the squeak does double duty holding it in place securely. It's a win-win. The door still goes on smoothly, with no damage to the card or phone, and I can carry two cards at once safely and securely.

Step 3: A Triple Bonus?!?!?!

There appeared to be another spot to store a card, so it looked like there may be a triple card play available, but alas, it was just a tease, so don't try this at home.