Introduction: Increasing New ITrip Range.

This project is about increasing the range of the newest Griffin iTrip without even breaking it open. Very easy.

Step 1: Set Up.

Set up your work area. I got all the necessary tools and then some to do this.
Necessary equipment:
-Leatherman or equivalent
-small razorblade
-some form of tape. Electrial or duct.

Optional Tools:
-Wire clippers
-Needlenose pliers
-Cutting/craft board
-cold drink

Note: Keep the cold drink away from your project. You never know what will happen if you spill a drink on an itrip. The one i'm using survived a dip in vinegar. Long story.

Step 2: The Antenna.

Now, you must locate and pull out the existing iTrip antenna. If you can't find it, then you are either using an older version of the iTrip, or mentally challenged. Use you small razor or another small object and pry the small wire out of it's recessed space. Be very careful and don't pull hard. You could pull the wire straight out of the iTrip, and that could be bad, considering that this iTrip is very hard to pull apart.

Step 3: Preparing the Wire.

Now, instead of buying wire, i've chosen to recycle an old pair of headphones. I cut a piece from the center that was fairly long, and cut off the jack. I'm putting those aside for another project if necessary. Now, since inside of this wire, there are three more pieces of wire, we cut what we need.

Step 4: Preparing the ITrip.

Now you must strip the antenna without pulling it out. This is most easily done with the small razor. You must try to cut along the wire, then try cutting underneath, until there is little to no plastic sheath.

Step 5: Wrapping the Antenna.

Now you must wrap the twisted copper wire around the silver antenna wire. The way I did this was by passing the copper wire over and under the wire. It is at this point that I got distracted by Star War: Episode III. The scene was Anakin fighting Obi-Wan. That is why I have to re-use a photo.

Step 6: Finishing Up.

Now, I used three pieces of smaller copper wire and wrapped it around the silver antenna. I used the eletrical tape at this point. I cut the piece just shorter than the length of the antenna wire, then cut it in half. One half I put underneath the wire and wrapped it, and the second part I put over that, taping it to the side. Since the wrapped wire is larger than the recess in the iTrip, it won't fit. You must tape the antenna wire to the iTrip or else run the risk of getting something hooked on it, and possibly pulling it all out.

Step 7: Finished Product.

Now is the testing phase. Before, I used to have to place the iTrip within a half-foot radius of the antenna of my radio. Now I have more than octupled(8x) the effective range of my iTrip. One step further back, and the fuzz starts setting in. Good luck in doing this on your own. It took me about an hour of hard work, so expect to take about that long.