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I have been the designated cake maker in my house for years. This includes birthdays for my family of six, and cake for fun. So for my little brothers birthday, I set my sights on a theme I knew he would love, The Incredible Hulk. This was decided after him coming up to me at random moments ( like when I was reading ), screaming HULK SMASH, at the top of his lungs and making me scream like a little girl. So with the theme picked I went the simple route, a Pillsbury Devils Food Cake, and cream cheese icing. ( He was turning three, don't judge me people.) You can also check out the Hulk sheet cake I made at the end of the instructable. These were super easy to make and didn't take that long, make sure to leave a picture if oyu make them! Thanks for reading, I hope you like it. Don't be afraid to leave comments! Excelsior!

Step 1: Supplies!

I went a quick and easy route becuase we were going to the park after cake, and I was making them that day so they would be fresh. I also made them that day to keep prying eyes ( the trouble musketeers ) from finding out.

What you'll need:

Cake Mix ( I used Pillsbury Devils Food, yummy and easy)
Eggs, Water, Oil, Or whatever other ingredients you'll need to make your cake
Heaping Tablespoon of Love ( makes everything taste better )
Icing ( I used a store brand cream cheese icing )
Cupcake Liners ( not a nescessity )
Green Food Coloring
Dec-A-Cake Black Icing
Sandwhich Ziploc Bags
Butter Knife
And of course Determination

Step 2: Icing!

After you have baked your cupcakes, remove them from the pan and let them cool.

While you wait, seperate half of the icing into a seperate bowl, add green food coloring drops and mix throughout, I ended up using 17 drops, but I suggest you work your way up it's easier to adjust the color. Remember that if you make it too dark you can add extra un-colored icing ( the original icing). I also added some yellow drops, something like 5, to bring the color up to a brighter green.

Once the cupcakes are cool enough, they should feel about room temp, ice them. Set them into the refrideorator for five to ten minutes depending on how cold your fridge is. 

Use this time to dig up some pictures of Hulk, one of my brothers has the Marvel Book of Superheroes, or as he calls it The Book of Secrets, he sleeps with it under his pillow so 'bad guys' won't steal his Book of Secrets. The internet is great source.

Step 3: Adding the Face

For the hardest part, it was fairly simple. Before you decorate put icing in sandwhich bags, cut a *tiny* hole in the end of the bag, it's  easier to cut bigger than have to replace the whole bag. You want two bags one bag with the cream cheese icing, and one bag with the black Dec-A-Cake icing, a third bag is optional with the green colored icing for touch-ups. Pull the green iced cupcakes out of the fridge, and have your refrence pictures nearby. First off make two rounded rectangles ( I did mine at angles to be true to the SMASH face) these are the eyebrows. After that add two dabbs of icing for the eyes, then for the pupils use the Dec-A-Cake black Icing. I made the nose a small half circle, followed with two lines for cheek bones. The mouth was probably the trickiest part just because it can get messy; first make the shape of the mouth with your white icing (cream cheese), fill it in, *if your icing is warm, a.k.a. it's melting or not staying where it should, stick them in the fridge for a cool down*. Then outline and fill the edges and inside of the mouth with the black icing. Add squigles at the top for hair, and you're done! Just repeat the process on the cupcakes, don't be afraid to go big.

My brother loved the cake and so did my family, it was a great birthday and the Hulk tasted smashing! This definitely raised the bar for birthdays to come, so stay tuned for more instructables! Thanks for reading.

*Bonus* For my brothers cake I just repeated the process on a bigger scale. I added a few details for the bigger cake, it's easier to add on a bigger cake. I iced the cake with green icing twice, once for a crumb coat, the second to enrich the color. I added the eyebrows first, then the eyes went underneath, I outlined them this time. I added lines under his eyes for more detail, and cheek bones again. The nose was more detailed, with a line down the middle for the bridge. For the mouth I outlined it in white icing and filled it in again, I mixed up some pink icing ( cream cheese icing with a few drops of red ) and out lined and filled it on top of the white. I stuck it in the fridge to chill for about five minutes,  then I added the outlines to the mouth, and added hair on the top edge of the cake.

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