Introduction: Incredibly Meaningful Infinity Heart Clock for Under $25

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This Valentine's Day I wanted to give a gift full of meaning. Flowers and candies are always nice but going the extra mile and putting in the effort will show how special the recipient is to you.

Add some small features to your own like I did to make it extra special for your loved one.

As we walk through how to craft this simple yet incredible clock I will mention why I added the things I did. Hopefully this will inspire you to do great things for someone special in your life.


-1 x Round Wood Slice

-1 x Set of clock hands (Remember to get clock hands that will fit your wood slice. I didn't use the movement mechanism)

- 1 x Picture hanger

- Paper or sticker vinyl to create stencil


- Cricut cutting machine (optional you will just have to print and manually cut the stencil)

- Box cutter

- Wood burning tool or Soldering Iron (Wood Burning tool works a bit better because the attachments are more round than soldering tips)

- Fine tip pen for outlines

- Sandpaper anything finer than 220 will work

Step 1: Creating the Stencil and Applying It to the Wood

I used a Cricut machine to cut out a sticker so I will walk you through those steps. If you don't have one, no problem, just print and cut it manually.

Link for images - IMAGES HERE

1. Measure your wood slice and decide on a top side. Mark the top for your reference later. Some pieces are not perfectly round and the dimensions will dictate overall size and orientation of your stencil.

2. Using the attached image, alter it to the proper size and print or cut.

3. Use a box cutter or other very thin object to pull of the insides of the stencil. Be extra careful not to rip or distort the outline.

4. Once ready for transfer, find the top you marked and orient the stencil properly. If you are using paper you might need some tape to hold it down. This step may have to be repeated until you find the exact size and orientation you want. I did it a few times.

5. When the stencil is in its final position fill it in or trace the outline. I filled mine in just so I could get a better idea of how it would look when finished.

6. Remove the stencil.

Step 2: Burn in the Graphic

You can do it! This was my first time ever burning wood. I thought it went well but like usual I learned a few first timer lessons I will share below.

1. Start with the outline using a fine pointed tip.

2. If using a soldering iron you may have a variable heat control. I first used my soldering iron at 400 C before finishing with a wood burning tool.

3. When you start to shade try to keep the tool moving so you prevent deep holes and crevices.

4. Every so often you will need to wipe the tip of the tool clean. Ash will build up and effect the heat transfer. I used a sheet of 400 grit sandpaper.

5. When you are finished with the graphic turn your piece onto the backside and leave a short message.

I used roman numerals for the numbers. Instead of the normal hours I used my anniversary. A small detail like this will go a long way.

Step 3: Add a Hanger

So, again this step may require some trial and error. Since these wood slices are not perfectly round you might run into issues getting the hanger centered. Luckily, I got it to work first try.

I hold the very top with one finger on each side to see where it will hang at that point. This method will get you pretty close.

I also used screws but nails work just fine.

Step 4: Adding the Clock Hands and Finishing Up.

This process is pretty straight forward. However some tinkering is required to get the hands right when you want them. If you are using the movement mechanism it is a little easier. Follow the instructions accompanying the hands and mechanism.


1. Find the center of your wood slice. I just measured half way from my top end mark and then again 90 degrees from there.

2. Using the hardware provided or if you are only using hands attach all the hands at the base using super glue or a small amount of hot glue. Make sure the hands are oriented towards your numbers in a way you like.

3. Then glue a small nut or the nut provided in the kit to the bottom of the hands then glue the nut to the wood. Quickly make last minute adjustments to make sure everything is lined up.

You're Done!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did. This requires a bit of tedious work but looks amazing when finished.

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