Introduction: Incredibly Useful Bench Tool for Electronics Geeks (and Others)

One day, many many moons ago I needed a little, pokey,picky, pully sort of hooking tool. 
I found an old cheap'n nasty screwdriver, held it in the flame of a blowtorch until it glowed VERY red and just bent the tip over with a pair of pliers. Not very far but just far enough that it served its purpose. Then I quenched it in my coffee (just because it seemed like a good idea).
Since then it has been one of my most incredibly useful tools for pulling, clicking, bending, grabbing, separating and all sorts of things. I don't know how I ever managed without it and it's a rare session at the workbench that goes by without me reaching for it.
Make one and see - I bet it does the same for you!

Step 1:

Step 2:

I don't know if I just hit lucky with the 'amount' of bend or whether a wide range of bends would be just as good.I DO know it has to be enough to be able to hook a wire (or two, or three) but gentle enough that whatever's been grabbed ccan be released really easily.
Suck it and see!