Introduction: Independence Day Nail Art. Beginner Nail Art

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Hello there! Welcome to my seventh Instructable.
Today, I am going to be showing you how to do 4th of July nail art.
Nail art is a great way to get festive, and to show your personality, but can be expensive to get at a salon. Independence Day is right around the corner, let's get ready!

I am only twelve years old, so if you have any suggestions on howto improve my Instructables, please let me know! Now, enough talking, on with the Instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You don't have to use the colors that I used, use whatever you like!

- The colors I used are (in order of appearance) :

- Fresh Paint: Burning Flame. Found at Five Below.

- Funky Fingers: It's a Trap. Found at Five Below.

- China Glaze Crackle: Lightning Bolt. Found on Amazon.

- Sally Hansen Hard As Nails: Hard To Get. Found at local drugstore or Amazon.

- L.A. Colors Color Craze: Wired. Found at dollar store, Amazon, or local drugstore.

- a top coat or base coat

You will also need:

- nail polish remover

- a Q-tip

- a toothpick or dotting tool

- something to protect your work space

Step 2: Apply Base Coat

Applying the base coat will help prevent your nails from getting stained, and will make your nail art last longer.

Let it dry fully.

Step 3: Paint the Thumb Nail

You can choose any patriotic color or design, but this is what I did:

I painted it red, then let it dry.

Next, I painted on the star (use a toothpick or dotting tool), let it dry.

Lastly, outline the star (using a toothpick or dotting tool) with blue nail polish.

Step 4: Decide What You Are Going to Do on Your Other Nails

I detailed how I did each nail on the next few steps

Here is a summary of what I did:

Index finger (pointer finger) on left hand: a simple blue

Middle finger on left hand: American flag

Middle finger on right hand: French tip

Ring fingers: French tip

Pinky fingers: half red and half blue with Crackle nail polish on top

Step 5: Apply Nail Polish on the Pointer Finger

I did just a simple blue. Let it dry fully.

Step 6: Apply Polish on the Middle Finger

If you are doing an American flag, use a toothpick or dotting tool to make the lines and dots. Let it dry fully.

If you are doing a French tip, paint your nail the bottom color, then let it dry.
Next, swoop the brush across the tip of the nail to create the tip.
Let it dry fully.

Step 7: Apply Polish on the Ring Fingers

I did another french tip on these nails.

Just follow the instructions given on the last step. Let it dry fully.

Step 8: Apply Polish on the Pinky Fingers

I painted it half red, half blue. Let it dry fully.

After that, I applied a thin layer of Crackle on top.
Let it dry fully.

Step 9: Apply Top Coat

Applying the top coat will make your nail art last longer, and will make it look shiny.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Thank you for checking out my Instructable!

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