Introduction: Independence Project: the Safe & Sound Case for IPad 2 & 3

Apple reported 17 million iPads sold in the last quarter alone. That means that just in the last few months, 17 million people joined the ranks of iPad owners with two big problems to solve:

- iPads are exposed and vulnerable on their own
- The speaker on the iPad is on the back, projecting sound away from the user, resulting in dull, muffled audio

That's where my dream of solving two problems with one design comes in. I want to help those millions of iPad owners have a better experience, so I designed The Safe & Sound sound amplifying case for iPad.

The Safe & Sound case for iPad is a dual purpose hard shell case offering both protection and acoustic amplification that feels more like an extension of your iPad than just another accessory. With the Safe & Sound case, your iPad is safer and sounds better, without losing any of its functionality, including the use of a smart cover. Additionally, the Safe & Sound is specifically designed to fit BOTH the iPad 2 AND the new 3rd generation iPad!


The key feature that makes the Safe & Sound case stand out is its acoustic sound box, which reflects sound waves back toward you off of a single smooth surface. This means that sound waves reach your ear with greater amplitude and little interference, resulting in clearer, louder audio, optimizing your iPad's built-in speaker. With the Safe & Sound case, the iPad gains an extra 5+db in perceived volume!

Check out this YouTube video for a an explanation of why iPads need the Safe & Sound:
Or this one to see the difference that the Safe & Sound really makes:

The Safe & Sound case is made of a Polycarbonate/ABS plastic alloy, known for having greater flexural strength and impact resistance than standard ABS plastic, providing superior protection for your iPad. It snaps onto your iPad by clipping around the front bevel of each corner, letting you take improved sound quality wherever you go. These clips sit slightly above the screen, meaning you can place your iPad face down on a flat surface without risking damage to the screen. Of course, the Safe & Sound case also allows the use of a smart cover so your iPad can be protected from all sides.

To prepare for the retail market, I've designed simple, sophisticated packaging that not only commands attention visually, but points out the case's key features in order to appeal to consumers. The Safe & Sound fits into the packaging the same way it fits onto your iPad, which is also demonstrated with a graphic explanation on the back.

I've been trying to get this project up and running for almost a year now, and in doing so, I've gotten the attention of a few media outlets. Here's what some of them had to say about the Safe & Sound: - "[...] all generations of the iPad suffer from really low audio levels from the external speaker [...] hence the need for these types of devices."  calls the Safe & Sound inovative and practically limitless,"A complete and versatile accessory for all purposes." (translated from original text using Google Translate)

Tech Reviews and Help owner Craig Bennett II - "I like the idea" - "You can listen to music, play videos, make FaceTime calls and anything else for which you would [otherwise] require an external speaker for a louder volume." executive producer Harris Fogel - "It's a great idea!"

I've taken this project as far as I can on my own in creating the 3D printed prototype. The next step in carrying out my dream is injection molding and manufacturing, but creating tools for injection molding is expensive. Without help, the Safe & Sound may never be anything more than a prototype. My manufacturer already has my CAD model and specs, and my packaging printer has my files queued up and ready to go. All I need now is the funding to make it happen.

Twenty-five thousand dollars will pay for manufacturing and printing, significantly jump start distribution efforts, and allow me to make the world a little more safe & sound for iPads everywhere.

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