Indestructable Safe

Introduction: Indestructable Safe

Ever wanted to have a child proof, bullet proof, and knife proof, safe to hold money or priceless items? Just make one! :)

Step 1: Materials

6 pieces of 3" steel (whatever length you decide)
2 construction grade hinges
1 lock (ex: child proof gun lock)
1 drill
1 drill bit (size of lock diameter and able to drill through the steel)
welding safety gear
4 screws (shorter than thickness of the steel)
2 clamps

Step 2: Clamp!

clamp 4 pieces of steel together to weld. The fifth piece is to be welded after the clamped pieces are all welded together to form a four sided figure.

Step 3: Weld!

weld 5 pieces of steel together to let the 6th piece stay free so you can drill the hinges on.

Step 4: Drill!

screw the 2 hinges on. This will be your entry to the safe. Then drill 2 holes close to eachother (make sure one of the holes are drilled into one of the stationary pieces of steel). Feed the lock into the holes.

Step 5: Finished!

you should have a safe that you made yourself. please vote for the contest i entered and comment if any questions or concerns. :)

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    You know the lock you used is free to whoever wants one from most police departments and city halls and the like in the US. They key it should be noted is universal, or nearly so. I'd like to see a picture as well, to know it was actually built and to see if the hinges are as easily defeated.


    9 years ago

    yes i did. My friend has it at his shop. I have not been able to upload all of the pictures...


    9 years ago

    Did you actually build this?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    If you want to win the contest, you'll have to include images of the process you went through, and at least one image of the actual finished safe.