Introduction: Indestructable Stunt Car

I was experimenting with my thee idea of a sinegle motored geared up 4WD car when I made this. at first it was a slow accelerating car but then I swapped motor and sent it off my couch. I was amazed by what I saw next. I'm not giving anything away, so you have to watch my video.

The video was recorded on my phone so the picture is blurred but I assure you this is real.

Step 1: The Body

Build twice
connect like this
should have this

Step 2: The Axles

build these

Step 3: Putting It Together

attach the axles
add the motor
add the gears

Step 4: Finsihed

this is not like my other car where the motor direction is reversed so it is easy to use.
and your done
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