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Introduction: Index Card Carriers

I’m a hobbyist with a lot of interests. Two of my favorite things are origami and coloring. I love …

So, this craft came out of need. I take notes on index cards and whenever I put them into my backpack, they end up getting bent. This little carrier keeps them nice and straight so I can focus on studying.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You’ll need:
2 big index cards (mine were 15.5cm by 10cm)
2 or more smaller index cards (for size)
Tape (this makes the whole project SUPER sturdy)
Yarn or any kind of string/rope (for the straps)

Step 2: Tape Up One Side of the Big Index Cards While Leaving the Space Above the Red Untaped, Do This to Both Index Cards

Keep in mind that the side that you tape will be the outside of the carrier. Also, make the tape strips a bit longer than you think. Cutting more strips of tape is a bit of a hassle to me, but you’re welcome to do whatever you please. I chose to do 2 long strips of tape.

Step 3: Measure Your Yarn/string/rope

The length I chose to cut for my yarn was 38cm. The length you want really depends on how tight you want your handle to be. I wanted mine to be fairly loose so it’s a bit longer and keep in mind that you have to knot the piece of yarn. Also, you need 2 strings of yarn.

Step 4: Tape Your Yarn to Your Index Card

First, you want to fold the piece that you didn’t tape
Second, you’re going to flip it over
Third, you’re going to string your yarn through the fold
Fourth, you’ll knot the yarn as it’s shown in the pictures
Fifth, move the yarn so that the knot is underneath the fold and tape it
Repeat this for each index card

Step 5: Tape the Two Cards Together

Lay the card down face up and the bottoms are facing each other. Then, use one strip of tape to connect them. After, fold the cards in.

Step 6: Last Step, Tape Up the Sides

Make sure to do it to both sides and you’re done! Enjoy having your index cards perfectly straight.

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