Introduction: Indian Lemonade With Variations

indian lemonades have a special taste

In this tutorial I will teach how to make 2 types of lemonade

Step 1: Standard Lemonade

For the below mentioned recipe is for 500ml of lemonad

u will need 1lemon for every 500ml of water for a good taste

U will need to first make a mixture of lemon juice and water

Then u will need to add a small pinch of salt

U may add a small pinch of jeera powder too

But not too much

Just a minute pinch

Then u will have to keep on adding sugar in the lemonade until there is a layer of saturated sugar deposited at the bottom of the container

Add ice to serve cold

Step 2: Frozen Lemonade

u can make the previous lemonade and freeze it and store it in the freezer

U can enjoy it during hot summer days

Or u can use it like a instant lemonade by just putting several lemonade cubes in the container

And allowing it to melt

Thus instant cold lemonades r ready

Step 3: Pls Share

pls share ur recipe of lemonades so that even I can learn some of ur better recipe

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