Introduction: Indian Polymer Clay Jewelry

Polymer Clay is used for many purposes one of which jewelry. From classic to modern designs all can be done by polymer clay. So I have planned to prepare a jewelry based on Indian design.I preferred some shiny colors. I selected Gold which is very much needed and rose. One of the shiny shades of rose is Fuchsia Pearl.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Polymer Clay - Black,Gold,Fuchsia Pearl

2. Roller

3. Round Cutter-2 different shapes

4. Polymer Clay gun

5. Blade

6. Beading Wire-Black

7. Eye pin - 1

8. Headpin - 2

9.Crimp beads - 2

10. Wire cutter

11. Round nose pliers

12. Long nose pliers / Crimp tools

13. Toogle Clasp

14. Fish Hook - 2

15.Jump ring - 4

16. Sculpey gloss glaze

17. Paint Brush

18. Toothpick

Step 2: Design

We have to just imagine how will our pendant and earring look like. The above picture will say the design that I have planned.Here Black will be in the bottom and gold and rose will be above it.Many color combination can be used. Blue and green is a very good combination.

Step 3: Preparing Pendant

Each Photo will perform each step which is given below:

1. Flat the Polymer clay and roll it with a roller.

2. Keep the bigger cutter on top of it and press.

3. We can see the impression.

4. Remove the excess clay.

5. Same way do for rose color.

6. And additional to it as shown in the design cut out the part which is needed with the cutter.

7.Place it above the place circle and lightly press without changing the shape.

8. With the help of polymer clay gun extract gold color in round shape.

9. Cut it with a blade.

10. Place it in a arc near the rose color.

11. Cut the excess gold color with the help of a blade.

12. With the help of toothpick put holes near the arc.

13. Follow the same procedure for gold color.

14. Not cut the part which we needed for design and place it.

15. Now make small round beads as shown in picture.

16. Pick it with the help of tooth pick

17. Place it in the pendant and it will make a design.

18. Add a eye pin in top of the pendant.

Step 4: Preparing Earrings

Follow the same procedure as the pendant for the earrings except the following

1. Use small cutter.

2. Don't need to use the polymer gun to make the arc.

3. Instead of eye pins use head pins and attach it from the bottom.

Step 5: Preparing Beads

1.For making beads we have to roll them as shown in image and cut into equal parts.

2. Now roll each part into beads.

3. Put a hole in each bead using a toothpick.

4. Make 10 beads.

5. Follow the same procedure for black and gold.

6. Make 30 black beads and 12 gold beads.

Step 6: Baking

Place the pendant, earring and beads in a tray and bake it as per the instruction of your polymer clay.

Step 7: Earrings Ready....

1. Now take the earring and turn the head pin in front

2. Cut the excess wire and roll it in with round pliers

3. Now take a jump pin and connect both the earring and fish hook.

4. Follow the same procedure for another earring

Step 8: Making It Shiny...

1. Now take earring and apply gloss glaze with a paint brush little by little and hang it some where to dry.

2. Same way follow for beads and dry it.

3. Follow the image for drying.

Step 9: Combining Everything....

1. Take the beading wire and to the end add crimp bead .

2. Add jump ring next to it.

3. Make a loop with the jump ring in middle as shown in picture 3.

4. Tight the crimp beads with a long nose pliers.

5. End of the wire is ready.

6. Add 15 black beads.

7. Then add a gold bead and rose bead alternatively.

8. Add 6 gold bead and 5 rose bead.

9. Then add the pendant.

10.Follow with gold and rose beads and then black.

11. Finally add the crimp bead,jump ring and make a loop.

12.And tighten the crimp bead.

13. Cut the excess wire using wire cutters.

14. Now in both ends add the toggle clasp to the jump rings.

Step 10: Finally........

Finally you can see a Indian necklace and earring made out of Polymer Clay.

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