Introduction: Indigo Handmade Embroidery on T-shirt

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Hand Embroidery is a fantastic art form. I have hand embroidered this Indigo pattern using the three different stitches on my T-shirt. Hope you enjoy this artwork.


1. Cloth

2. Embroidery hoop

3. Indigo thread

4. Needle

5. A pair of scissors

6. Pen or pencil

Step 1: Supplies and Specifications

The hoop I have chosen is a wooden hoop. Indigo thread could be any brand you like or is available at your city. Regular hand sewing or embroidery types.

Step 2: Draw the Pattern

This is the first step after you have gathered the supplies and are ready to kick-off your project. I have used pen to draw the pattern on the cloth. Refer pic 1.

Step 3: Lazy Daisy Stitch on Rows 1 & 3

I have used five leaves of the Lazy Daizy stitch for the semi-circle pattern. See pic 1. Then repeated the same on the other end of the semi-circle. I have tried the 'Running Stitch' along the semi-circle boundaries along these two bunch of leaves. stitches. See pic 2. Complete row 1. Repeat the same pattern on row 3.

Step 4: Buttonhole Stitch on Row 2

Make a buttonhole stitch as shown in pic 1 for the entire semi-circle for row 2. Check pic 2 & 3.

Step 5: Add Running Stitch Connecting the Semi-circles

A simple running stitch connects the 3 semi-circles in rows 1 & 3 and 5 semi-circles in row 2. Final image is ready as in pic 5 above.

Wonderful! Your Indigo embroidery pattern is ready.

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