Introduction: License Plate Number Acrylic Cover

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Indonesian License Acrylic Plate Cover

In my country indonesia, customers are buying new cars but they can not directly bring home license plate number. Due to the policy of the police who do not directly give it after a few weeks or maybe a few months. We do not know what happened. Each party who takes care of this problem sometimes gives an unusual reason, some say if the stock plate runs out even sometimes have to spend extra money for the process of getting an official license plate number can be accelerated. I do not know what exactly happened.

Because of this problem there are so many street number plate makers who use it to make a profit by making the license plate number does not match the car registration in the police. Many of them asked the street car license plate makers to their liking without permission to the police.

But this time Robot Ukir Indonesia will show you how to make License Acrylic Plate to be used as cover of license plate car number without changing the original so this is not illegal, just as variation only

Let's look at the process

Step 1: License Plate Holder With Acrylic Cover

First buy a car license plate holder with acrylic cover from local suppliers for approximately $ 6 with a cover thickness of approximately 3 mm to 4 mm

As I show on video

Step 2: Template to Carve the Acrylic Plate

Download the template to carve the acrylic plate and have adjusted between font and letter size.

I created it with Vectric Aspire 8.5 software Just take it

Step 3: Material and Tool Settings

Place the acrylic cover on the workbench in a position perpendicular to the axis of the machine
Then use duct tape to hold the workpiece

Install the V-bit Router on Spindle

Setting the starting point of the x-axis, the y-axis at the upper left-hand corner.

Setting point 0 on the workpiece surface as the starting point of the z axis

Step 4: Next Preparation: Design and Programming

Prepare CAM Vectric Aspire software to edit the templates you have downloaded
Adjust the serial number of your car number plate

Create Toolpath with VCarve type with 90 degree Vbit tool with 0.5 inch diameter, cutting depth 0.3mm and generate gcode for mac3 cnc milling controler Save toolpath with .tap file extension

Then open the mach3 cnc milling controler program, load the file with the extension .tap you have saved

Turn on the spindle on the control box with a rotation speed of about 16,000 rpm

Then click the RUN button to execute the machine

Step 5: After Cutting Done

Remove the acrylic cover from the workbench
Led strips, some wires and solder

Connect the cables on the positive and negative poles of LED strips using solder and lead wire

Check the results of your work by connecting the cable to a 12 volt adapter

If it is not lit try reversing the positive and negative pole placement

Step 6: Installation on Car

Prepare the equipment and materials you will use
Sealent or double adhesive, Screwdriver

First place the car number plate holder on your car with the screws supplied by the seller with a screwdriver

With double adhesive and sealant tape the original car number plate in position
After it is felt strong enough then proceeded, Then attach the LED Strip on the top of the front of the original car number plate with the help of double Adhesive

to remove the double glue on the plate holder number that has been included in the purchase package and is attached to the holder. This adhesive serves to attach the acrylic cover that we have made.

If necessary rub the parts - parts that allow water can penetrate in with a sealant sufficiently

Position the LED cable so that it does not look conspicuous
Connect the cables with the twilight light cables to your car. Be careful not to wiring this your car disturbed electricity

Turn on the twilight lights of your car note the results are appropriate yet, if yes then the work is done !

As an additional reference I have already made a video of his presentation
Just watch it!