Introduction: Indoor Basil Box Planter

We love making our own Margarita Pizza and to do it right you use fresh home made crust, good olive oil, fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh Basil. This is a first attempt at a TinkerCad design for a small indoor planter designed with a water basin (reservoir), watering tube, and overflow basin. it is a relatively large print which should be around 4.6 x 10 inches. The second piece is a a platform to separate the soil and plants from the water basin.

Finally there is the option of a overflow plate as the water will drip when filled.

The Planter base goes into the planter then add soil and the Basil (any other herbs can be planted as well). Fill the planter through the tube, when you see the overflow dripping it is full. The water will wicker to the soil and provide for the plants. Add more water to the basin every few days as needed.

Step 1: 3D Print a Lot!

Print Print Print.

Enjoy Fresh Ingredients!

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