Indoor Battery Eliminator

Introduction: Indoor Battery Eliminator

Reuse a phone charger to replace indoor 3 or 4 alcaline batteries holders!

Step 1: Check Indoor Stuff That Eats Up Batteries.

This beautiful night light needs 3 AAA batteries. Batteries are down after only 3 nights! Unacceptable. Before throwing it, check if you have an old phone charger. It's a perfect 5V stable DC power supply.

Step 2: Connecting

Here I used a beautiful white lamp wire, but you could directly use the charger wire by cutting the mini usb plug. You solder it directly at the battery holder terminals in order to use the adapted electronics behind.

Step 3: Verify It and Use It

Plug and unplug very fastly in order to see if there is no weard or scarying behavior of the system (for example if LEDs look too shiny, add a 100 ou 200mOhm resistance in series).

Enjoy your eternal lamp.

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    5 years ago

    Those are cute lights :)