Introduction: Indoor Bigfoot Jeans Recycle Flip Flops Tutorial

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Hi, the summer is here, finally and I did get the idea of having indoor Bigfoot fabric flip flops instead of slippers. When I’m going out flip flops are perfect for putting them on my feet and then why don’t I have one pair for the slipper version? So now I have it, and you could have them too.
PS did I mention this is a recycle project too? I know you already love it. OK, I love them. My kid loves them, (yes, I did get one order from her, but I think we will use them in a kindergarten instead of her slippers).
This is simple step by step tutorial in a Tutorial Girl Style with a lot of photos
…here are a few pictures so enjoy the long summer and make your favorite pair for yourself or your family member.

Step 1: Step by Step Photo Instructions

If you want you could download all the steps in one pdf. file. (it is on the bottom of this step), if not, here are the rest of them:

For indoor fabric flip flops we need to have:
- (1.) Recycle favorite jeans in to small scraps and sew
them in a fabric collage with free motion stitches:
- (2.) foot size yoga mat - foam
- (3.) 20 cm of shoe lace (for both flip flops)
- (4.) embroidery floss
- (5.) seam scraps from our jeans pants

Step 2:

At the back of the picture is our finished flip flop and
at the front is our new scraps patchwork fabric.

Step 3:

Draw and cut your foam a little bigger then your foot
is. (Mine are 1 cm all-around but I like to have really
"bigfoot" flip flops. You could copy your favorite pair if
you like the shape.
For top jersey cut 6 mm bigger fabric then foam is.

Step 4:

Bottom fabric (I will use black jeans) need to be bigger
then top jeans if you want to have stitches on top edge
of the flip flop. Look your foam thickness and use this
for reference.

Step 5:

Make a zig zag stitch all-around both fabrics.

Step 6:

Put top fabric on a foam center, and use pins for
secure it.

Step 7:

With awl make a hole between first two fingers.

Step 8:

Now we will start to make straps for our leg.

Step 9:

Cut 10 cm long shoe lace and sew it on both edges
with 2 cm on a seam scraps jeans with zig zag stitch.

Step 10:

Twist and make a loop and secure the position with a
zig zag stitch.

Step 11:

Use small crochet hook and push it from bottom shoe
to the top, so you could grab your "twisted sewn scrap
hook". (Next picture).

Step 12:

Use strong string and put it through the twisted loop.

Step 13:

Push both string ends on a bottom of the shoe, so you
could push "the twisted strap" through the hole. If your
hole is too small, cut a little with your scissors in x
shape, (just the fabric).

Step 14:

Cut a strap of fabric and on one end
cut one of the edge off and put the
type on it, so you could push the
fabric piece through "the twisted
strap hole".

We will cut the ends off latter.

Step 15:

Pin the fabric ends on shoe, and secure it with a few
stitches. (read next step too).

Step 16:

In the same sewing step as before, cut a little
rectangular shape piece of fabric and place it around
our "twisted straps". Cut too long tail off and sew it
with few stitches in place. Look next picture.

Step 17:

Sewing the piece between first two fingers.

Step 18:

Put your foot in the future shoe and measure how
long your straps need to be and found the right
position. Pin it on its place but just on a fabric piece
(not on the foam).

Step 19:

Sew the zig zag stitch on the edge; and also sew back
and fort a few times so the stitch will be super strong.

Step 20:

Position the top fabric on a foam shoe with your pins.
Then put the bottom fabric on its place.

Step 21:

Pin the bottom fabric too. I plan to sew my stitches on
top foam edge, so both fabrics are meet each other on
this edge with 6 mm fabric for seam allowance.

Step 22:

With embroidery floss start sewing both fabrics

Step 23:

At the toe sides we have too long "fabric tail" between 24.
bottom fabric and foam shoe shape. We will sew this
"tail" between both fabrics and then cut the rest off.

Step 24:

Use as much embroidery floss as you like. I did put
one more seam scraps and sew them with embroidery

Enjoy in sewing and have a nice day
lidija mik a.k.a. tutorial girl
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