Introduction: Indoor Gardning With Colourful Artifacts and Pebbles

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I have a empty glass bowl laying around in my drawing room and it looks so boring. So I decided to make it out its best use such that it looks colourful , attractive and can add some stars to my drawing arena.

With the pouring of water inside the bowl the artifacts looks very impressive. The water in the bowl magnifies the inner artifacts and pebbles.
Lets begin!

Step 1: Things You Will Need..

1. Artifacts-which include small fishes,toys etc

2. Bowl.

3. Colourful stones and pebbles.

4. Green grass or mini plants (which requires water only to survive)

Step 2: Bowl Preperation

Take a bowl and start adding artifacts and coloured pebbles into it. Colour your pebbles if required .You can add hot glue if you want them to stick at one place.

Step 3: Watering and Planting

Now pour a fresh water into the bowl gently and finally add green grass or any plant which you want to put in. Spread it along the boundary of bowl.

Step 4: Ready to Place

The bowl is now ready to put anywhere as you want. In my case i put it in my drawing room and it looks so colourful and gives a fresh look and feel.

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