Introduction: Indoor Hops Trellis

Hops can be a great indoor plant that, when ripe, will provide lovely aromas and fresh ingredients for brewers. Hops are vine plants that grow upwards, so they need something to cling onto as they climb. This simple trellis allows this, without taking up a great deal of indoor space.


(4) 7/16" x 48" Dowel Rods

(6) 3/8" x 48" Dowel Rods

Painter's Tape

Hot Glue Gun

Wood Saw

Step 1: Size the Trellis

Based on the dimensions of your hops pot, determine an appropriate size for the trellis. It will stand upright, with the four bases forming a square in the soil. Consider how much vertical space you have available. The trellis in this example is 3"x3"x48".

Step 2: Cuts

Cut the four larger dowel rods to the height of the trellis. For this example, a 48" height meant no cuts were needed. Cut the smaller dowels on a 45 to match the width of the trellis. Here, a 3" width means each diagonal was 4.25". 56 total diagonals are needed (14 for each side).

Step 3: Assemble the First Two Sides

Tape the four larger dowels down so the diagonals can be fit into place. One by one place the diagonals between the two larger dowels. Once complete, fix them together at each joint using a hot glue gun.

Step 4: Assemble the Trellis

Once the first two sides are dry, stand them up on the long side and place 14 more diagonals in between each side. Use a hot glue gun to fix in place. Once dry, repeat on the final side.

Step 5: Plant the Trellis

Insert the structure 2-3" into the potted soil. Enjoy watching as the hops begin to climb!

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