Introduction: Easy No Tools Indoor Hydroponic Herb Garden (For Under $20)

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Here's an easy DYI project for an indoor herb garden so you can have fresh herbs all year round for under $20. No tools needed.

Not only will you save on buying herbs but you won't need to spend a fortune on a fancy watering system.

Step 1: You Will Need:

1. Microwavable Steamer (I got mine from Closeout Connection for $3.99 but you can find them at the Dollar Store or on make sure it has a deep steamer basket

2. Hydroton Clay Pebbles (available on $8 for 2 lbs or any garden supply store)

3. Herb seedlings or seeds

4. Water

5. Bicarbonate soda

6. Air pump to oxygenate water (available on $7 or any pet/aquarium supply store)

Step 2: Preparing Your Hydroponic System

Rinse your microwavable steamer container and steamer basket

Rinse the clay pebbles until the water runs clean and fill 1/3 of your steamer basket

Fill your container half way with water

Add a pinch of bicarb soda to your water (this will help keep the pH of the water alkaline to promote plant health)

Clean your plants of all soil so that you are just left with the root

Step 3: Ready to Plant

Gently place your plant roots down into the clay pebbles making sure your roots reach the bottom of the steamer basket

Once all your plants are in place, fill the rest of the basket with the clay pebbles

Find a nice sunny spot (like a window sill) where you would like your plants to live

Fill a big glass of water and fill the your planter with water until the top of the pebbles are wet

Add your air pump tube into the clay pebbles making sure its fully immersed in the water (and making air bubbles)

Step 4: Tips and Care

Check water every few days or weekly and keep water level full

Test pH level every so often and adjust with a pinch bicarbonate soda if needed

You can add plant food to feed your plants (read your labels careful to not over feed)

Trim your herbs to promote new growth

Check out all the plants that you can grow in water: