Introduction: Indoor Nerf Range/dart Catcher

About: Just a crazy Robot with a nerf gun for an arm because of Asimov's laws of robotics

I came up with this range on a rainy day out of boredom & pure laziness... after all who likes picking up nerf darts?

Step 1: What You'll Need

you will need...
Clothes rack
Bed sheet
Dressmaker's tacking pins, stapler or sewing machine
Flexible fridge magnets
Cutting board or cardboard box

Step 2: Getting Started

hang the sheet on the clothes rack & using dressmaker's tacking pins, stapler or sewing machine secure it to the rack. I pinned mine.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Set your box (or plank) & target in the range, I got this target from Kmart

Step 4: Lock & Load

Fire away & have fun.