Introduction: Indoor Ping Pong Golf With Your Family

Its pooring lately outside. I'm stuck inside my house reading books that I rarely read. So me and my sons decided to do something entertaining. We decided to make a simple indoor golf course inside the house. We gathered scraps of newspaper, cardboard, legos, we started our indoor golfing in the house.
Hole 1: The EZ course
Hole 2:Under the frog
Hole 3: Between the stormtroopers
Hole 4: Hitting the wall
Hole 5:  Jump over the crab
Hole 6: Jump over the crab and frog
Hole 7: Hit from the top of the stairs
Hole 8: Flick it in the hole!
Hole 9: From the 2nd floor

Step 1: Find a Ping Pong Ball

Why use a ping pong ball insted of a real golf ball?
The main reason is to protect the floor and the wall of your house.
A real golf ball will leave dents and cracks in floors  and walls, but a ping pong ball will do absolutely no harm to anything. You could drop it from the 2nd floor and still have a healthy floor in your house.
It's Ok to use a real golf ball, but if possible, find a ping pong ball.

Step 2: Making the Golf Hole

You could make a golf hole using many materials:  I used some leftover legos.
Just make a hole and put a ramp right next to it!
Anything will be fine: You could even use a styrofoam or a platic cup!

(If you are using cups, be sure to put some weight in it, or it will collaspe when the ball goes in the cup.)

Step 3: Making the Club

I do have some golf clubs, but I won't dare to swing it inside my house.
So I decided to make some golf clubs out of tightly rolled up newspaper, some cardboard,
and tape. Just tape the materials together to make the clubs. You could also use other materials to substitute it. Have fun making your own clubs! 

Step 4: Create Your Nine Hole Course!

Using your imagination, make a nine hole course in your house!
It will be a cool experience to make courses. Make sure to bring your
camera when there is a good shot!
Have fun playing ping pong golf.

This is my first instructable. Thanks for watching!
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