Introduction: Indoor Planter Box

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The concept is to make a envoirment in which plants grows. Like the sun is replaced by growlight which gives red and blue wavelength .... which the plants absorb..... air is given in by an exhaust . and nutrients of organic waste is soacked in the water to make the plant grow faster.

Step 1: What U Need

1. 2 wooden boxes ..... (i used 8*12) hight 18.8 inches

2. 1 exhaust not a very powerfull one and the one wth makes less noise

3 1 GrowLight (with adapter)(i used : )

4 Acrylic sheets acording too your dimensions of ur box.....u just need to close it from the inside of the box

5 Organic waste

Step 2: Making the Box

U just need to stick the acrylic sheet from the inside sides of the box ( i preffer to use aryldite to stickthe sides of the farming box )

And make some slite holes ..... so when the exhaust will pump air out of the box the air outside will rush to get in the box and this is how plants will take the co2 and give o2 by through the exhaust

Step 3: Installing the Exhaust

Make a hole in the upper box in the center according to ur exhausts sucking hole .... and screw the exhaust on the opposite side

Step 4: Installing Growlight

Make one hole besides the exhaust either left or right, at the center of ur bulb holder but the wires of the light through the hole and screw the Grow light on the inside side of the upper box.

Step 5: Making Holes for Watering System

I drilled 6 holes 3 on the front and 3 on the back so that the water can be equaly distrubuteted in the roots

I put syringes in the holes .... which will water the plants when pushed ........ i prefer putting 10 ml syringes

The middle one distributes to both the pants so a plant will get 15 ml of water in one push of 3 syringes i prefer watering the plants 4 times a day only ( 50 ml at a time that means 4 pushes of 3 syringes ) so the plant gets 200 ml of water every day

Step 6: Nutrient Solution

Step 1 : grind the organic waste

Step 2 : Soak the organic waste in water so that all the nutrients get absorbed to the water

Step 3 :strain it with a strainer

Step 4: put the left fiber in the soil to make it healthier

Step 5 : grind the soil a bit so that fiber and soil can be mixed together

Step 7: 3 2 1 Grow !!!!!

And yep its ready

and make sure swithing the light on when u wake up and close it by 7 ( i switch on the light at 7 am)

if u use aromatic and fragnent plants the exhaust will give fragnant air out


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