Introduction: Indoor Hammock Wall Mount

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I love hammocks so I wanted to try and sleep in one indoors. I live in an apartment but opening the big window makes it almost like sleeping outside.


  • Router with chamfer bit
  • Drill
  • Jig Saw


  • Wood - preferably some hard/durable type. I used oak: 4x 50mm*120mm*18mm
  • 2 Metal pins (I cut two screws)
  • 8 Screws + raw plugs (depending on your wall - I have brick walls)
  • Finish - I used kitchen table oil
  • Rope
  • Hammock


  • Wood: Only make the inner hole as wide as needed for the rope to fit. I wasn't sure what rope I wanted to use so mine is wider than needed. Obviously narrower = more strength.
  • Metal pins: Use proper pins if you have them. If you cut some from screws like I did then make sure to use fairly big screws (mine have 4mm diameter) that are long enough so you only use the unthreaded part.
  • Studs: I have brick walls so spreading out the screws as much as possible was ideal. If you have studs then I'd recommend using 2 screws instead of 4 and aim for the centre of the stud. The screws should be as long as possible and you might want to test somewhere else if you need to drill a small pilot hole or not.
  • Concrete: I'd probably use 2 long expansion screws/bolts instead of 4 screws.

Step 1: Cut + Glue

  1. Drill, cut and mill (sorry - I didn't take any pictures of the actual process but it's a simple build:)
    1. I recommend drilling, sawing and milling the inner holes first as it's easier to handle the router when you have a bigger surface.
      1. Notice that the grove for the metal pins is cut in the back plate.
    2. Cut the metal pins in the right length
      1. I didn't have any metal pins lying around so I cut two screws instead using only the unthreaded part.
    3. Glue together the plates (remember the pins)

    Step 2: Apply Finish and Mount It on the Walls

    I used this website to calculate the height: