Introduction: Industrial Christmas Wreath

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Every piece of this wreath came from the hardware store.  I think I will nickname it The Tin Man Wreath.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make the wreath form, I bought four elbow air duct fittings.  They should all fit together to form a chunky wreath.  I also got two hose clamps to form the bow.  After that, you are free to choose other decorative pieces that you want; I wandered the aisles and chose the pieces that spoke to me.  In the end, I got some basic washers and some locking washers (or ninja stars as I called them in my head).

Step 2: Make Wreath Base

Start by fitting your elbow ducts together.  They fit pretty snugly, but I also used a little glue to secure it.  I recommend fitting it all together one more time before gluing because they can twist a little and not line up properly.  I made the mistake of assuming I was still good and then panicked once I had my epoxy in and the pieces weren't fitting.  Oh I have to twist it...

Step 3: Make Bow

To make the bow, turn the screw on your hose clamps.  This will cause the circle to shrink and the end to come out.  Just keep turning until you are satisfied with your bow.

Step 4: Glue on Pieces

Start attaching things to your wreath!  I used epoxy for the whole thing and kept it pretty simple.  You could also experiment with wrapping wire around to attach things.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Finished Piece!

Done!  I'm planning on putting a wire on it to hang it up, but for now it's a nice prop-up-against-something wreath.  Obviously the cat was really proud of me.

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