Introduction: Industrial Control Room Look KWh Metter Light

Pictures tell 1000 words, so no blah-blah; its a narow doorway in my house that needed lightning upgrade. The doorway is still to be docorated with some retro ww2/sfrj/sssr propaganda posters, just haven't decided yet, what to buy.

Step 1: Components

I got a dirt cheap old single phase kilowatt-hour meter on our local online fleay site (just 10€ including postage), that I just needed to have. It took me 2 weeks to convince seller to post it, but it was well worth the energy. It was made by Slovenian company Iskra in 1955. All it needed was a good cleaning and few tweaks. First I hacked it to get higher rpm on lower wattages. That is easilly done, you just need to remove metal part that acts as a magnetical brake to the meters spining disc. For extra decoration I bought some old (60's) instruments (kA, V, A) and installed them equally spaced in line with meter. I also found 2 retro ceramic/brass bulb holders for a funny price of 1€/pice and got 4 metters of textile wrapped golden wire for the bulb holders as a gift from a frind of mine. The lamps used are Edison styled retro bulbs acquired in Baumax for 7€/piece. If I get to my computer in near future i promisse you a video of spinning kW-metter ;-)

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