Introduction: Industrial Looking Metal Stool

In this isnstructable, I will show you how to step by step create modern bar stool.

I designed a basic idea sketch, but all of the angles and measurements were created on workbench.

Hope you will enjoy and let`s get started.

Step 1:

Step 2: Tools and Materials

We are going to need.


  • angle grinder with cut off and grinding wheel
  • welder
  • drill
  • proteactor
  • sharpie
  • tape measure


  • 2cm by 4cm square tubing
  • flatbar

Step 3: Measuring and Cutting

First we are going to measure and cut two pieces 50cm long with 22,5 degree angle on one end and 60 on the other ends.

Second piece is 77cm long and has 60degree angle on both ends.

Last pieces are going to be two pieces of 3mm 3cm and 15cm long flatbar and 8cm of square tubing with one 60 degree angle.

after cutting i like to grind every piece with angle or belt grinder.

Step 4: Welding

You can use stick tig or mig welder, I used mig because I have it.

I don`t have good welding table so i welded it on my old workbench.

First we are going to weld ``V`` form base of the stool. I clamped it to the workbench, tacked it on both sides and welded everything full.

Second task is to weld a piece that will connect base to seat. I used a little trick with scrapwood and clamp to hold it in place before tacking it. If we finish welding that piece we can weld our seat mounting part. We are going to make it from 60 degree short piece of square tubing and two pieces of flatbar. first weld square tubing and then weld your flatbar.

Last step in welding is welding endcaps just cut they from some piece of steel and weld on open tubes.

Step 5: Finishing

In last step we are going to grind all welds with angle grinder and drill 8 holes to fix flatbars to wooden seat, that will be in next instructable.

That was my first instructable I hope you enjoy and sorry for the worst photos ever.

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