Introduction: Industrial Style Console

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My flat has a big entrance, and as it is in the middle of the other rooms I can't really put big furniture in it. Since I needed a spot to drop my keys when I come home near the door, I had the idea to make a console to would fit between the door and the closet door next to it. My original idea was to make something in an industrial style : rustic wood and metal, but I chose to paint part of the wood in white-ish for a more nordic aspect.

Step 1: Material & Tools

For this build, I used :

  • Two 25*25mm steel square tubes
  • One 25*25mm steel corner
  • One 25mm flat steel bar
  • One 30cm wide wooden tablet
  • Plywood (for the drawers)
  • Paint
  • Varnish
  • Plastic pads
  • Angle grinder
  • Drill press
  • Welding station
  • Circular saw
  • Table saw
  • Sander
  • Nail gun

Step 2: Cutting and Preparing the Steel Parts

First of all, I cut all the steel pieces using an angle grinder and a cutting disc. I do a 45° cut on the angle that will be located at the top of the console, that way the welding will be more aesthetic.

I cut also two piece in a steel corner and two pieces in a flat bar which will allow me to assemble the metal structure with the wood. In order to do that, I drill 4mm holes with a drill press so the screws will fit perfectly in.

Step 3: Welding the Metal Pieces

Once I have all the pieces, I can continue by arc welding the pieces with each other to obtain my final structure. As a beginner, I'm really a bad at welding and the result isn't pretty, so I use epoxy repairing paste to fill the gaps between pieces. When I'm good with the aspect, I apply one coat of rustproof primer and finally two coats of black spray paint.

Step 4: Cutting the Wood

I take a wood tablet normally used for shelves that I cut in 5 pieces : Two horizontal parts and three vertical ones that will shape the main structure of the furniture. Before cutting, remember that the horizontal parts will be the length of the wooden structure, but on the vertical parts you will have one plank on each side so don't forget to take it into account when you calculate the desired height of the wooden structure.
For the drawers, I use 15mm thick plywood for the four sides and 3mm thick MDF for the bottom panel. Then, using my table saw, I make grooves in the plywood so the MDF fit tightly in. Finally I salvage some old barn wood that I clean and cut to make the drawers front. As the barn wood wasn't in perfect shape and had flaws and holes where nails were, I used epoxy resin mixed with black dye to fill it and give a better look.

Step 5: Wood Assembly and Finish

To assemble the wood I'm only using wood glue and nails to maintain the structure while it dries. For the drawers front, I'm using another technique that allows me to place the front exactly where I want it to be : I put the drawer in the structure and apply a good amount of wood glue on the front part leaving a small area clean in the middle. Then I use hot glue on the clean area and place the front on the drawer. The hot glue dries fast and hold the front while the wood glue (which is stronger) dries completely.
Once it is dried, I sand all the wooden parts of the console and apply three coats of paint on the main wood structure and the inner part of the drawers. For the drawers front, instead of paint I use two coats of clear mat varnish, that way the wood grain pops up.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Before the final assembly, I insert plastic pads at the bottom of the two metallic structures, that way the metal feet won"t scratch my floor. Once it's done, I put the metal legs on the sides of the wooden structure and screw them together with 30mm screws.
The console is now done, I can put the drawers back in. If you feel like the drawers are a bit hard to pull, rub a candle underneath the drawers where they are in contact with the rest of the structure, the wax is a good lubricant for wood and the drawers will slide easily.

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