Introduction: Industrial Table With Hairpin Legs

Check out the video before reading the step by step guide to see how easy it is!

Step 1: Making the Table Top

You will need 4 lengths of wood roughly the same length, this is an industrial table so don't worry if they're not all exactly the same. You will also need 2 smaller pieces of wood to put on the bottom that spans the width of all 4 planks of wood, as you can see in the picture. Line up the two smaller pieces of wood, making sure to leave enough room for the legs!

Screw the 2 smaller pieces of wood to the larger 4 planks.

Step 2: Paint Your Table

You may need to sand the table depending on the quality of your wood. Then you can paint or stain your table, I used a wood stain.

Step 3: Attaching the Legs

Once the table is dry, you can screw the legs in.

Your table is now complete!