Introduction: Industrial Table (easy, Detailed Instruction)

Since I was having a lot of freetime during lockdown, I decided to build a table in an unique style, instead of just buying a new one. It was easier than I thought and very nice for bringing some structure to everyday lockdown live. Costs were by 100€.


    Materials needed:

    Tools needed:

    • workbench
    • steel saw
    • steel file
    • paintbrush
    • drill
    • electric screwdriver
    • screwdriver
    • wrench (better: socket wrench)
    • strong glue
    • some kind of underlayment (old newspapers, bubblewrap etc.)

    Step 1: Go to DIY Superstore of Trust

    In my DIY Superstore of trust, I went to a section called "modular construction system" (if yours hasn´t this section, I´m sure they have all the needed equipment anyway, but maybe not all at one place), where they had those angle sections I used, with all the needed supplies - they`re normally used for a shelving system in industrie/ warehouses. I found all materials I needed in this section (expect for the wooden plate, the varnishes and the screws and washers for the wood).

    Step 2: Saw the Angle Profiles

    The first thing to do back at home, is to prepare your workbench and than saw the angle sections. Since I chose a height of 50cm and a 60x60 plate, I sawed:

    • 8 x 60cm
    • 4 x 50cm

    Step 3: Rasp, Put Everything Loosely Together

    In the next step I rasped the sharp and uneven edges with a steel file. Than I screwed everything loosely together, to see if everything works out.

    Step 4: Varnishing

    Now you´re already ready to varnish everything! But first dismantle everything again.
    I sprayed the angel sections + angle plates + plastic furniture feet black and varnished the whole wooden plate three times, with a teak brown paint. Wait till dry, before the next step.

    Friendly Reminder: Use some kind of underlayment, so nothing else gets varnished!

    Step 5: Screw Together Most Parts of the Body

    Now it's time to screw together most parts of the body, as seen in the picture. It´s not necessary to screw them very tightly together at this point. Don't forget to also add the angled plates for extra support!

    Step 6: Screw the Plate

    Now screw the wooden plate to the body. You need washers here, so the screws don't slip out of the holes of the angle sections. I drilled a little hole into the wood, before screwing, so it wouldn't crack, whilst screwing. Be careful, to not drill to deep into the wood!
    At the beginning of each screwing, I used an electric screwdriver, but I tightend it with a manual screwdriver.

    Step 7: Add Schelving and Furniture Feet

    Now you have to add the lower steel shelving plates (I screwed angle sections at each side of the lower shelving and then screwed it into the rest of the body, this step takes some skill/patience).
    Eventually correct some screwing afterwards, so the table doesn't wiggle.
    Now tighten all the female screws with a wrench, or better, a socket wrench.

    The last step is to stick the furniture feet to the table, with glue. Than transport the whole thing, wherever you want to have it. And that's it!

    Much fun with your new, cool, industrial-looking table! :-)