Introduction: Industrial Wallet

This instructable is going to show you how to make an aluminum wallet, with a hinge, and a magnetic latch.

The project can be done with or without using solder, i have a soldering iron, but when i asked my mom to pick up some solder the next time she was at the hardware store, she got me silver solder and no flux, so i made a version with electric tape (duct-tape will also work but i liked the black on silver look). any way the basic tools you will need are

  • At least 2 pop cans(soda for those who call it that)
  • A paper clip and 2 clicking pens, or just 2 similarly sized springs
  • Either a soldering iron and all its accessories, or a durable tape of some kind
  • A neodymium or other type of small strong magnet.
  • A dremel tool will help but a knife can be used

Step 1: Cutting the Cans

This step is pretty easy, simple use the dremel/knife, and cut the top and bottoms off the can as evenly as possible,then slicing it up the hight of the can. if using a dremel on top of the usual safety goggles you should use when cutting metal, id suggest doing this outside possibly with ear muffs, or large head phones, your cutting an air tight, can with only one opening, think an acoustic guitar. it gets pretty loud, plus you will need to use a low setting and go slow, do to the thinness of the can.

Once this is done you will want to flatten out the can, this is the long part, either get some heavy books, or tape it inside out around a large cylinder, like a canning jar. (If anyone knows a more efficient way of flatting them without using a 10 tonne press post a comment and ill add it here.)

*from iamamuhfjer, you can take the aluminum and pull it over the edge of a desk or table like you would a dollar to get it to got into a candy machine

Next another simple step is to take one of the slices of can and cut about a half an inch off one of the long sides, this will be attached to the other side to make the money pouch.

Step 2: Making the Hinge

A pretty simple step

The first thing you will need is the paper clip and the springs.

1. straighten out the paper clip, and slide the springs on, you need two or one side of the wallet will be around 2 inches lower than the other.

2. create two 90 degree angles make sure when you make then you get about 1/4 and inch of wire after the bend, then cut off the extra, save it for later

Step 3: Finishing the Wallet

Now your almost done, by now you should have waited a night, and your pieces are flat.

The first thing you will need to do is to take the part that you cut off the half inch, (you can throw away the smaller piece you cut off) line up the bottoms and sides of the pieces, if you want the outside of your wallet to be the painted side of the can then put it so the silver inside of the can is showing to you on both sides, (the opposite of what i have done in the pictures, i don't want people knowing i drink generic root beer)

Now you will solder them or tape, be sure not to solder the money flap shut, just do the sides and bottom edge.

Once this is done you could simply fold it over and be done with it, but then it wouldn't really be industrial would it? no. aside from me just making this for a chance to win an instructable shirt, i wanted to try out a design iv had on the back burner for quite awhile. a hinged opening.

The last part of this step will be to fold it over evenly cut off any last rough ends, take your knife/dremel and slice down the center crease.

Step 4: Finishing the Wallet

This is the last step, also the hardest to explain, well now you have to halves of a wallet, and a hinge, it doesn't take a monkey to figure out what your going to do.

if soldering, take the paper clip and solder, the two angels you made to the center cut of the can you just made, if tapeing, do the same but with tape, (duh)

next wither solder, or tape the springs to the other half of the wallet, make these at the top and bottom of the wallet not at the center this will stop it from jiggling up and down.

add tape or solder the money flap part of the wallet that you cut when you cut it in half, you dont need to do this, but if you use the wallet you will notice wear marks when the can semi-cuts into the money.

The last thing to do, remember those pieces of paper clip you saved? if you don't just get another and cut 2, 1 inch pieces form a straightened out paper clip, i was originally not going to do this but it turns out this type of can is non-magnetic. (you may not need to do this if you used solder, not sure if thats magnetic or not)

simply set one of the lengths of paper clip on the edge of the inside of the wallet. and embed it under a piece of tape. same on the other side, attach a magnet to the one of the pieces through the tape, and close it, TADA your done. now go use your cool new wallet. and tell you friends it'd be cool if i won a shirt on my second instructable.