Introduction: Inexpensive and Portable Sprinkler System

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So you don't want the high cost or pain of digging up your yard that is involved of installing a lawn sprinkler system.

This system requires no digging, no permits, and no professional contractor to install it. 

It covers a large area and  can be moved all around your yard. It cost about $25.00 to make and requires no professionals to put it together.  If you follow these easy instructions, you can be on your way to a well watered yard within the hour.

CAUTION: This Instructable requires adult supervision. The use of glue and paints are involved.
Please read labels of each product  and follow safety precautions  accordingly.

Step 1: Supplies Needed

All supplies can be purchased at any home gardening center or plumbing supply. You will need the following Items depending on your personal needs. This system can be a 2 head or 3 head system and can be made out of 1/2" or 3/4" PVC Pipe.. 

This Instructable is a 3 head using 1/2" PVC with 24" sprinkler head risers.
Pricing is for reference only, prices may vary depending on location and store's.


For 1/2" System

(4)  5ft PVC Pipe @ $0.99 ea
(3)  48" Sprinkler Risers @ $1.88 ea
(3)  Tees @ $0.25 ea
(3) 4 ways (cross) Connectors @ $0.87 ea
(6) End Caps (not threaded) @ $0.28 ea
(3) Female Adapters ( for risers) @ $0.44 ea
(2) Male Adapter w/ 1/2" FIP  ( 1 for the clean-out plug cap and 1 for the hose end) @ $0.31 ea
(1) Female Threaded Cap (for the clean-out male adapter) @ $0.56 ea
(3) Full Circle (shrub) Sprinkler Heads @ $0.87 ea
(1) 3/4" FH to 1/2" FIP Swivel Hose Connector (Watts # A-660) @ $3.29 ea


If you have any plumbing experience then you probly have all these tools already. As with any project, having to purchase the tools are the biggest expense.

Be Safety Aware:

Wear gloves and work in a well ventilated area. Wear a protective mask , so as not to breath in fumes or dust that will be present during this project.  Also use caution with any sharp tool you are using. And be aware of others in the area.

(1) 4 oz can PVC Primer @ $3.11 ea
(1) 4 oz can PVC Glue @ $3.73 ea
(1) Small Can of Denatured Alcohol ( for cleaning ) @ $5.00 ea
(1) PVC Cutting Tool or Hacksaw ( Pro Tool @  $10.66 ea )


Rags or an old white tee shirt ( to wipe down the PVC) and a scuff pad or fine sandpaper ( to scuff up the PVC connections ).


(1) Can Of Plastic Spray Paint (any Color you prefer) @ $4.97 ea

Step 3: Preparing the PVC PIPE


(6) 8" piecec's for the feet
(4) 4" pieces for extensions
(3) 3" piece's for connecting the tee's to the female riser adapters
(2) 5' sections( which you will not need to cut )

 Make your cuts

Now that all pieces are cut to length let's prepare the pipe. Take each pipe and scuff or sand each end and wipe clean with denatured alcohol and then coat each end with the primer, being sure to coat at least 1" from the end. Now coat all the insides of your fittings and connectors with the primer.

Step 4: The Layout and Installation

Now lets get the sections in order to glue. There will be 4 basic sections, so lets start with the ends and work our way to the clean-out plug. Be sure to coat the pipe all the way around with the glue and insert pipe into connector  and give a twist of about a half turn.This will ensure that it is well coated. You must be quick, because it dries within seconds. When installing the 4 way cross and tee's be sure they are level to the ground so the sprinkler heads are straight up and down. If you do make a mistake you can correct it by just cutting the pipe and releveling it, and install a straight connector.  My Opp's,  as seen in section 3 picture.                                                                 After it is all glued , it is time to install all 3 risers and sprinkler heads.

***Each section has a picture in case you get confused.***

Section 1

1.  3/4" FH to 1/2" FIP Swivel Hose Connector
2. (1) male adapter
3. (1) 4" PVC previously cut
4. (1) 4 way cross
5. (2) 8" PVC cut pieces and (2)  caps  for the side feet
6. (1) 4" PVC cut piece
7. (1) TEE for sprinkler head #1
8. (1) 2" PVC Pipe previously cut ( to connect the tee to the female adapter for the riser's.)

Section 2

1. (1) 5' section of PVC
2. (1) 4 way cross
3. (2) 8" PVC previously cut piece and (2) caps for the side feet
4. (1) 4" PVC previously cut piece 
5. (1) TEE for sprinkler head # 2
6. (1) 2" PVC Pipe previously cut ( to connect the tee to the female adapter for the riser's.)

Section 3

1. (1) 5" section of PVC
2. (1) 4 way cross
3. (2) 8" PVC previous cut pieces and (2) caps for the side feet
4. (1) 4" PVC previously cut piece
5. (1) TEE for sprinkler head #3
6. (1) 2" PVC Pipe previously cut ( to connect the tee to the female adapter for the riser's.)

Section 4

1. (1) 4" PVC previously cut piece
2. (1) 4" PVC Previously cut piece
3. (1) male adapter for the clean-out plug
4. (1) Screw on cap (clean-out plug)

***See Picture notes for extra useful information***

                                                 PAINT AND ENJOY