Infamous 2 Amp

Introduction: Infamous 2 Amp

Ever wanted to glide along powerlines, jump from buildings and zap villians out of their boots, just like Cole McGrath?!?!
well you can't. :(
But that doesn't mean you can't run around comicon looking just like him!
with this simple instructable you can swing your way into action with your very own Amp!

Step 1: Materials

1 metallic spray paint
1 gloss black acrylic paint
1 dark brown acrylic paint
1 plastic box (available at target for around $4)
1/2" pvc
3/4" pvc
1 1/2" pvc
various assortments of pvc couplers of diffferent size
-3/4" 4-way X connector
- 2 3/4" 90 degree connectors with spigots
-2 1/4" straight coupler
- 2 1" pvc rubber cap
- 1 random rubber cap, 3/4"
-1/4 straight coupler
2 medium washers
2 wire nuts
1 screw
1 small piece from light fixture (can easily be supplemented for something else)

hot glue gun
paint brushes

Step 2: The Base

first off you're going to want to cut two equal sections of 1/2" pvc at about 18" long
then you need to cut the 3/4" pvc to be 15"


add a 4-WAY COUPLER at the end of the 3/4" pvc

afterwards you are going to need 2 3/4" 90 degree couplers with spigots
-dremel out the insides of the spigots so the 1/2" pvc fits nice and snugly inside
- cut 3 sections of 3/4" pvc about 1" per section
- insert these sections into the remaining openings of the 4 way coupler
- insert a 90 degree coupler on the left side, and glue it into place

take any 3/4" coupler and saw off about half an inch from one of the ends, then slide that piece about half way across the 3/4" pvc section

at the other end of the 3/4" pvc you should glue on a rubber cap, mine was a little fancier than most rubber caps which is good.

Finally you take a little light fixture piece and you glue it onto the top 3/4" pvc coming out of the 4-way coupler (this piece can easily be changed to whatever you find lying around the house

Step 3: The Prongs

you're going to take your plastic container and drill out 16 2" disk
-then drill 7/8" holes in the middle of each disk
-sand until smooth

take 7 of the disks and spread them evenly across the first 3" of your 1/2" pvc
-repeat for the other 1/2" pvc section
-glue in place

then take your 2 washers and wire nuts
-glue a wire nut to the washer
-the washer onto the top of the pvc

Step 4: Left Prong

these two next sections get pretty difficult

We're going to work from left going right

1st another plastic disk
2nd a rubber black cap (with hole in middle)
3rd 1 1/2" pvc 2" long
4th 1 1/4" pvc straight coupler
-use the dremel to make a hole in the coupler big enough to tightly fit around the left spigot, the hole should end about 3/4" above the bottom.
- the whole thing put together should be 5" long
-take hot glue and just gush it into the holes between the coupler and the spigot, when the glue becomes solid, sand it down smoothly

finally stick a 1" rubber cap in the bottom

Step 5: Right Prong

this part is by far the most difficult of the whole process D:

start out by cutting ovals about 3 inches in length and drill holes about 5/4" in their centers
you'll need 7 in all
(I used a dremel because i did not have a drill bit of that size)
-sand until smooth

then spread evenly across the right 90 degree spigot connector (now is when you attach it)

At this point, I have failed as an instructable maker :(
my suggestion is to recreate the left prong design on this side for i do not have any measurements for the right side. However if you wish to estimate the measurements yourself, go ahead :/

Step 6: Paint

Spray everything in silver metallic spray paint
in hero mode his amp is basically pure silver anyways so you may stop here if you'd like

but I wanted something a little more rustic,
so take brown paint and mix it with gloss black acrylic paint and just cover the whole thing, however do this in sections because before the paint dries you need to rub most of it off with a paper towel, this creates an old fashion rustic effect,

Paint the bottom of the section brown before adding the rustic effect. ( i know mine's on top but I was looking at an old design)

AND TADA! YOU'VE SURVIVED MY INSTRUCTABLE! :D have fun with your new Amp!
this amp should be comicon friendly sine its only made from plastic and pvc

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    crazy idea. If you want to add more flare, add a Jacobs ladder into the prongs
    you would have to work on insulation
    but that would be awesome

    infamous fan
    infamous fan

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I only wanted to know, how much does it measure in distance? Also, is it heavy? (Don't care if a little, but at least not too much). Thanks


    9 years ago on Introduction

    for all you electrical inclined folks why not incorperate a tesla coil inside the handle and put leads to the end of each side that would push this thing over the edge and i'd love to see it!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks to MisterPace I was able to copy and add to Your Great Instructable
    to make one for My 13 Year Old for Halloween. Please Note: I had the time and the money. Roughly $150.

    Project 010.JPGProject 009.JPG

    Just started, got most supplies... but i have a question.... i can't seem to find when and where you use the 1 1/2in PVC in this project.... or does it say one half inch or one AND a half inch? also, the pvcs after cut look slightly small, im guessing that when it is pt together it will be bigger? also i dont get the angled coupler part in the instructions and how you connect it to the "x" coupler. But great instructable!


    10 years ago on Step 2

    i have the figure and it looks like the diameter of the handle is twice as wide as the prongs, it looks really thick!, great instructable BTW. this is an instructable i'm doing, maybe with METAL ;) pvc first though.


    10 years ago on Step 4

    Thanks a lot, your instructable is great! But there's something I don't get at this point: Is the 1/2 pvc supposed to go through the base of the prong (through the disk, cap, 1 1/2 pvc and in the dremelled coupler) or is it all just glued together? Also, you seem to have forgotten to put the 1 1/4 straight coupler in the list of materials. Just pointing that out :P


    Reply 10 years ago on Step 4

    the 1/2 pvc is supposed to go through the base of the prong yes, ^_^ it makes it sturdier that way. oh and thank you, I'll add it right away


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    sorry, they aren't for sale, but thank you for asking :)

    cole magrath
    cole magrath

    10 years ago on Introduction

    so cool misterpace is it possible that me and my dad can buy the metal gray one?ps your awesome!


    10 years ago on Step 6

    This is really awesome i have to make this at some point


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Trust me, this is going to get really popular really fast