Infinit E Battery

Introduction: Infinit E Battery

Able to power 12 volt power regulators and recharge nine volt batteries

Step 1: Infinit E Battery

you will need 5 rechargeable batteries, one 3 volt non latching DPDT relay, and two small 12 to 18 volt generators, one 12 volt solar panel, 0ne voltage tripler circuit

Step 2: Infinit E Battery Solar Charging

STEP 2 connect batteries in parallel to relay.

STEP 3 connect solar panel to relay switch and outer pins.

STEP 4 connect nine volt motor to pin 1 and 2 of DPDT.

STEP 5 both solar panel and batteries can make motor turn.

STEP 6 only one generator will need voltage tripler circuit to recharge batteries as the motor turns.

STEP 7 the other generator will supply 12 volts of power to power inverter

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    Nice battery charger design. Do you have any more pictures of the assembly process?