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Introduction: Infinity Bracelet and Ring

A friend told me to try and make a wire bangle with the infinity sign as the clasp, as i was making snail versions of these, which i did, but when i was making the clasp, i originally tried to start it in the middle so i had a few small infinity signs. I liked them so i made more and linked them to make this infinity chain bracelet, and a ring to make a set :D

Step 1: Make Lots of Small Infinity Signs

What you need:
•round nose pliers
•wire cutters
•wire (i'm using 1mm)
•jump rings (lots of instructables for these if you don't know how to make them, or you can just cheat like me with bought ones)

You'll probably need to follow the pictures for this, but it's very easy to make and takes about 5 seconds each.

Bend the end of the wire into a hoop around the round nose pliers, then let go and make another loop with the other side. Cut off the wire in the middle where they cross over and press the end in to neaten it up if you need to.

I use 12 infinity signs for 1 bracelet.

Step 2: Connect to Make the Bracelet

Open a jump ring, thread on 2 infinity signs and close it. Connect a new infinity sign to the chain until it fits around your wrist.

Attach a clasp to one end and a slightly larger jump ring to the other end, or you can just clip the clasp to the end of the last infinity sign if you want.

Step 3: Ring

For the ring, you basically need to make a bigger infinity sign the same way that you made the bracelet.

Then make a small loop in the end of the wire and tighten it around one side of the infinity sign, so it can't twist. Shape the wire to the shape of a ring, you can bend it around a pen or something, then cut it off and loop the other side the same way.

Step 4:

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