Introduction: Infinity Heart 3D Printed Ornament

The Infinity Heart Ornament is a heart when viewed from the front and an infinity when viewed from the top. When the lighting is right you can see both at once with the object and it's shadow. And there's a surprise in the design's third dimension

Step 1: Draw a Heart

Draw a heart on one plane

There are many ways to do this; this heart started as a circle. I viewed the points on the circle, added extra points to the circle, and moved individual points to create a heart.

Step 2: Edit the Points in 3 Dimensions Into an Infinity Heart Shaped Curve

Edit the points in 3 dimensions into an infinity heart shape.

Moment of Inspiration Software (MOI) is used here to edit a flat curve into a 3d curve. Not all software has this feature.

Step 3: Draw a Small Circle Next to the Infinity Heart Curve

Draw a small circle next to the Infinity Heart curve.

Step 4: Sweep the Circle Along the Infinity Heart Curve

Sweep the circle along the Infinity Heart curve.

Set the small circle as the profile and the infinity heart curve as the path to create an object.

Step 5: View From Each Direction

View the results from each direction.

A heart in one direction, an infinity in another direction, as expected.

The surprise in the design is the third orientation which has a Christian fish; perfect for a Christmas ornament.

Step 6: Add an Oval Torus to Hang

Add an oval torus to hang, because a hook didn't look as pretty.

Step 7: Export the STL File

Export the STL file to be 3D printed.

Step 8: Analyze & Fix Problem Spots

Analyze & Fix problem spots in Autodesk Meshmixer.

User Analysis button, then the Inspector option from the menu. The software will highlight any problem areas and give you an opportunity to repair before saving and printing.

If you haven't got a printer, you can save an STL file and upload to or one of the other service bureaus to have the object printed.

Step 9: 3D Print

Here the file is exported from Meshmixer to Makerware; which drives a Makerbot Replicator 2 printer.

Step 10: Remove the Support Material

This geometry is not robust enough to print without support material; so your print will have extra material to cut away.

Step 11: Hang and Admire-download Here

Find some greenery, and hang your new Infinity Heart Ornament.

In case you're in a holiday rush, download the STL file here.

Happy holidays!

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