Introduction: Infinity Swimsuit Wrap

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Love the swimsuit wrap but can't stand the frustration of tying it? This is an easy fix that will make you stop pulling your hair. No more deciding on the single knot or double knot tie because you don't need to tie it ever again. All you need to know how to do is loop a button on and off. Alright get started on this infinity swimsuit wrap. The sooner it's finish, the sooner you can join the pool party without the worries of your swimsuit wrap falling off as you stroll pass your cute neighbor to grab another margarita.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Chances are you already have these materials at home:

Swimsuit wrap



Thick Thread

Large Button

If you don't have a swimsuit wrap you can find a fabric that is wide enough to wrap around your wait once and to the length you like and use that. You can use a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine around the edge to keep the ends from fraying.

Step 2: Sewing the Button

1. Thread your needle with a nice length of thread.

2. Tie a knot at the end of the string.

3. Adjust the button to one top corner of the swimsuit wrap. Sew the button on and cut the string end.

Step 3: Sewing a Button Loop

1. Thread the needle with a new piece of thread. Make sure when sewing it is on the opposite side of the top button corner wrap.

You will need to do a basic catch stitch which is commonly used in crocheting. This helps to reinforce the thread's durability. If you want an easier way you can just double thread your needle and create a loop and tie it.

To start the catch stitch, poke needle from the bottom side of the wrap through the top then loop the thread into a circle as shown in picture 1.

2. As in picture 2, pull a piece of the loose thread through the circle you created to make a new circle/loop tighten the thread so that a knot forms as close to the fabric as possible.

3. When you do this correctly, you can continue to create a new loop by pulling the thread through the previous loop and tighten the string. The loops will create a chain that looks like picture 3. When the chain is long enough that you can loop the button through it. Use your needle to poke all the way through the loop and pull. This will close the loop .

4. Tie the loop securely with a few stitches and a final knot. Then cut the thread. You loop should look like picture 4.

5. Picture 5 shows the final product, a loop and a button. This simple loop and button will make your wrap into an infinity wrap.

Step 4: Ways to Wrap #1

1. The basic: the wrap was long enough to go around the waist twice then loop the button on.

Step 5: Ways to Wrap #2

This is coming from the back to the front and over the neck to the back and looped.

Step 6: Ways to Wrap #3

This is over the shoulder and looped. This makes it like a shawl.

Step 7: Ways to Wrap #4

The side shawl which goes over one shoulder.

Step 8: Ways to Wrap #5

Full coverage: Wrap from the top back with ends around the neck and loop the button on the neck.

Step 9: Ways to Wrap #6

This looks like little Red Riding Hood would envy this one.

Loosen the wrap in the middle along the back to create a hood space. Wrap the sides around and loop the button underneath the hood.

Step 10: Ways to Wrap #7

This wrap style starts from the top of one shoulder with the ends going underneath the bottom of the opposite arm and around to get the button looped on the top. I think the back is very interesting on this one.

Step 11: Ways to Wrap #8

The mini: roll the wrap starting from the top down until it is half its original length then wrap around the waist and button in the back.

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