Introduction: Infinity Times 7 Scarf - Knitting in a Round

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I have been wanting to make an infinity scarf for a while now and just during the holidays, I got a circular needle set so I had to try it out. I am quite happy with the outcome.

Step 1: What You Need

  • YARN!  I chose to use 7 different colors (I have a weird obsession with rainbows and colors), but I think this design would look really cute in all one color, or having all but one ring in one color and then the last ring in a contrasting color (like all white and one black).
  • Circular Needles Size 10.5 (you can use a different size, but my stitch and row count are based on this size)
  • Row Markers
  • Yarn Needle

Note: To get the best outcome, or at least more symmetrical, use all the same brand yarn.  My red and yellow were different, but they weren't that different, so it was okay.  

Step 2: Getting Started

The stitch count, for me, produced a small scarf that just fit and only needed to stretch a little to get over my head.  So if you want it longer, either knit looser than me (which is easy to do since I knit so tight) or cast on some more stitches.

I had a tail of a little more than two arm spans for casting on, but you'll figure out what you need after doing the first ring.
  1. C/O 110 sts. on circular needles  (150 seems to be good for a roomier scarf)
  2. Knit 10 rows in a circle
  3. Cast off.
  4. Done; wasn't that easy?  I chose to knit all rows so that the ring would fold in on itself like you can see in the pictures.  I liked the effect for the overall scarf design.

Now just do this 6 more times :)

Step 3: Weaving

Once you have the first ring done, you are going to have to weave in the others.  Before you weave, cast on your 110 stitches.

With your first ring laying upside down (the side where the two long edges meet) weave in your needle with your yarn on it; the side without the tail and ball hanging from it.  It is only weaved through twice and is really easy to do (Pictures 3-6).  Just make sure your stitches aren't twisted when you start your knitting.  (You don't have to have the rings upside down to start, but if you want them all the same way you do.  I didn't with one, so just that dark bluish gray one is the wrong way.  Live and learn.)

Now do this with each of your rings until you have your desired thickness.  

When I went to weave my needle in, I chose a ring already done and followed it with my needle.  Though I wasn't really picky about it.  I never, necessarily, followed the same ring each time, it was just a nice guide to get them generally woven the same.

As you can see in the last picture, this is how your already done rings will look while you are knitting a ring.  They all sort of bunch together, but that's okay.  Just be prepared that by your last ring, the stitches are going to get stuck now and then amongst all the knitted rings.

Step 4: Look Fabulous!

Now just wear it and feel beautiful!

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