Introduction: Infinity Mirror Jewel Case

Jewel case fitted with a small led strip. And some battery's.
Total costs €3

Step 1: Go to a Hobbyshop and Go to the Car Accessories Section.

Purchase A led strip designed for vehicle headlights. They measure about 50 cm(a foot and a half) and they come with a little battery unit. Also the width of the strip is half the size of regular led strips.
Here in Belgium and Holland you can get them in "action"stores for 2€

Step 2: Find a Nonscratched Jewel Case

There must be one that isn't scratched between the Pyle of jewels you got collected over the years. Found it? Proceed after you take out the plastic disk tray. And the disk, duh.

Step 3: Get Some Privacy Foil

Get mirror foil in the store and use the inlay of the jewel case to cut out the right size. I used some scrap foil I had laying around.
Do the same for the Inlay case.
Don't cut it larger than the inlay, or it will not stick properly in the corners

Step 4: Make a Hole and Remove Flaps.

On the side of the jewel case are little flaps that u need to remove, if not done yet. Also create a hole for the wire to fit trough.

Step 5: Remove the Sticker Paper and Tape It

on the inside on de sides of de jewel case starting from the battery side. It should fit perfectly. Close the lid and done.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Infinity Mirror Jewel Now

You can place the disk back only without the inlay tray.