Infinity Orb (super Easy)

Introduction: Infinity Orb (super Easy)

Lyke everyone that saw the movie,I wanted one of my own. So thanks to others, I found a way to make one.

Step 1: What You Need

This is a standard Styrofoam ball. It is better to go to Hobby Lobby and get the one that has two in a pack. I believe it is a dollar or two cheaper than what you can get at Michael's.

Other items not shown in picture (sorry)

Paint black and a grey or metallic silver. depending on how close to metal you want it.

Permanent marker

hobby knife or styrofoam cutter plus

and lastly patience (very important if you want it close to how it looks in the movie)

Step 2: Laying Down the Design

I will put two steps in one for this since you can do both at the same tyme if you would lyke.

First, get a couple of good pictures of the item. I paused the movie a lot and took pictures of it (how I lyke to get my references). Then take the permanent marker and draw it on the ball. This is where the patience comes in. Mines took almost an hour because I am a tad bit OCD about my props, and this one has a lot of details.

Once satisfied, use your choice of cutting instrument to remove pieces to create the craters. My first orb I used a hobby knife, it got the job done but the holes were a bit more wider than I lyked. The second one I used my styro cutter, not only did it melt my problems away, it also made smaller holes and they where deeper.

You will see the differences in at the end.

Step 3: Creating the Depth and Top Color

On this part you are just painting the whole ball black. Use whatever means you want, just not spray paint! I hear that it will melt the styrofoam, not sure if that is true but I didn't want to find out :-p. I just loaded some paint in my airbrush gun and went crazy. Get the whole ball, just in case you miss a spot it will not be whyte and noticeable.

Lastly, paint the top grey or whatever color you picked.


Step 4: My End Results

The orb on the left is the one I used a hobby knife with.

The orb on the right is made with the styrofoam cutter.

I hope you enjoy

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    6 years ago

    Nice effect, would a wood burner or soldering iron not speed up the cutting process and give more random patters ( in a well venter area obviously )


    Reply 6 years ago

    yeah, I believe that would help in making it random. I didn't go that route because after staring at images of the orb it looked like the patterns were symm


    Reply 6 years ago

    yea its a tough one, ive seen some people use 3d printers to get an exact mirror of the pattern, but some parts of the film show if differently so who knows, either way nice and simople idea, deffo going to see how this turns out when i try mine