Introduction: Information for Rangoli Drawing Steps.....

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steps as follows......

1) Always clean the area of all the dirt where the Rangoli is to be made else the color of the Rangoli will not come out properly.
2) Don’t worry about a new design, if you are the beginner then you can use a design from a book. Geometrical designss maybe easier to implement rather than a more difficult design.

3) Stencils, moulds, petals of various flowers may be used as additional accessories. You have stencils of the Diya( Lamp) as well as the Swastika available in the market which can be used with ease.
4) Draw the Rangoli at a spot where you do not expect visitors to walk often else they may end up treading on the Rangoli. For example keep it at the side of the doorstep and not straight outside it. Do not keep it right out side the entrance to the elevator on your floor. Also keep the Rangoli out of reach from dogs and other pets as they may unintentionally spoil it.

5) Use dry powder in Rangolis preferably. If wet powder is used then it may leave a mark or stain on the floor even after the Rangoli has been removed.
6) If the Rangoli is drawn at the entrance of your home during the time of the festival like Diwali, then you can decorate the part next to the Rangoli as well with lights and other decorative stuff.

7) Around the Rangoli, you may keep Diyas (Lamps) for lighting and as a symbol of Light on the night where there is no moon.
8) Rangolis may be drawn on every day of the festival or the same one may be used.