Introduction: Infra Red Obstacle Detection

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What is it?

A highly reliable means of detecting obstacles using reflected infra red light

How Does it Work?

The module has a in infra-red transmitter which lights up the surroundings and an infra red receiver which measures the amount of infra red that is reflected. If the reflected amount of light reaches above a certain threshold that means that light was reflected and so the signal pin is triggered. (goes from HIGH to LOW)

What can you use it for?

This sensor has several limitations: it cannot measure distance and it can malfunction in very bright light i.e. sunlight. However its amazingly responsive and close to 100% reliable so its a great solution to add to fast rovers and quad copters.

Step 1: Schematic

Connect the sensor so that A0 on the sensor plugs into A0 on the Arduino, GND Pin connects to A1 on the Arduino and (+) Pin connects to A2 on the Arduino.

You also Connect a 5mm LED to Pin11 on the Arduino

Step 2: Code and Circuit in Action

For a more detailed explanation to the code watch the video from: 3:25

To see the circuit in action watch from: 5:00