Introduction: Infrared Sensor + Fan to Blow the Flame Out

We are making a box with a sensor and a fan to blow out the fire that gets put in front of the sensor.

Arduino UNO


npn transistor

2.2 ohm resistor

Infrared sensor

dc motor

fan or propeller to put on dc motor

Step 1: Step 1: Set Up Your Arduino Board

Setup your arduino and wiring as following. It does not matter which pin you use for the motor as long as its a digital pin. It does not matter which pin you use for the sensor as long as it is an analog pin. Adjust your pins in the code accordingly or else your arduino will not run.

Step 2: Step 2: the Coding

Setup the code as following. I tried to explain everything as clear as possible in the comments of the code.

Step 3: Hooray, You Did It!

If everything has been wired properly and your code has uploaded to your Arduino UNO you can now blow out your candles!