Infrared Based Digital Object Counter DIY Kit

Introduction: Infrared Based Digital Object Counter DIY Kit

I have made a simple infrared based digital object counter. 

There are two kits in this project, one is counter module and the other is infrared transmitter module. 

The modules face each other and whenever an object is moved between the two modules, the counter module counts the movement.

About counter module: The counter module works with CD4026 chips and it counts 0-99. The counting process can be reset and dropped to 0. It has an infrared sensor TSOP4838. 

About Infrared transmitter module: The infrared transmitter module works with NE555 timer. The circuit has been configured to transmit IR signal at frequency approximately 38Khz. It operates in astable mode of NE555 timer.

Watch the video below: 


The kit can be used as a remote tester also. 

Take any kind of TV/DVD remote control and operate the kit. 

Watch the video below: 


The object counter kit can be used for counting people entering inside a room or counting any kind of objects. 
The distance between the transmitter and counter module should be around 1 meter. 

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You can buy this interesting digital object counter kit at


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    Question 4 years ago on Introduction

    Google sent me to your

    Years & years ago, I had a "gadget" that comprised an IR beam generator and receiver, and acted simply as an on/off switch. One set it up, and set up an ordinary reflector (such as one has on a bicycle) to send the beam back to the receiver. Dunno where it is now...

    You step out of our front door straight onto the road.,-2.27796...

    ... and traffic comes speeding down the hill.

    So what I want is a pair of devices that I could fit, one onto each end wall of our house, such that we can establish the speed of vehicles going past.

    "In this day and age", I would have thought that a) it would be quite a simple thing to make, and b) that there would be quite a demand for it.

    No. This sort of thing is not within my expertise ! ;-) I would just like to buy it and install it. I guess it would need wi-fi and a computer interface + program to store the data - time, vehicle length and speed. Obviously the distance between them is crucial ! Obviously, too, it would also record pedestrians. But there aren't THAT many vehicles nor pedestrians, so would be easy to distinguish. I'm not looking to record EVERY movement !....