Infrequent Urination Cure by Home Remedies




Introduction: Infrequent Urination Cure by Home Remedies

In Infrequent Urination urine is not passed frequently. There are many cause some serious ones being chronic kidney diseases, dehydration and diarrhea.
I will talk about  3 methods to cure it. 1st step will be the first method, 2nd step will be second method and so on..
Hope it helps you.

Step 1: Using Cardamom Powder

1.Cardamom small

Take 2 Cardamom Small (Chhoti Elaichi) , grind them and take the powder with milk it will help to cure the disease. Best way is to take 100 grams cardamom and grind it you will have powder put it in airtight box to store it. Consume 1/4 spoon of it with milk daily.

Step 2: Using Copper Vessel

1.Copper glass

At night keep water in a copper glass and drink it early morning do this daily. It will cure the problem and has many other benefits of well being.

Step 3: Increase Fluid Intake

Intake of Sugar cane juice, coconut water will also help. Drink lots of water.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Um----yeah----please see a DOCTOR if you think you have ANY illness where your are not urinating--this can be extremely serious and can kill you. Please do ask me how I know.

    I am not discounting that these remedies might do--something--I have no knowledge of any of them except to DRINK MORE---but anything that interferes with your kidney function--can KILL you. And it can do that---fast. And there are many reasons that urination might be lowered from dehydration to infection. None of which are good.