Introduction: Infront of Your Eyes

Fool the eyes means its magic. Now its a Prank.

Try this with some one and surely they wonder how its happen.

I Try this prank with my wife. She get ready for a marriage and come to the room i am fetching water infront of her in the mug and splash the mug over her she really Prank. But no water over her. She cant know till see inside the mug. We try this with some others also.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials and Tools Required

1. Baby Diaper.

2. Non transparent Mug.

3. Scissors.

4. Double Side Tape.

Step 2: Prepare the Diaper

Cut the elastics in the side of the diaper and extra side clothes also. Make the diaper flat. Make sure the diaper fully fitted inside the mug.

Cut three pieces of Double Sided tape and paste it in the center and two corners.

Step 3: Fitted With Mug

Clean the mug and insert the diaper in to the mug. Paste the diaper fully inside as shown in the figure.

Step 4: I Show U How It Works Not to Ur Friends

Pour some water in to the mug and see in a second Diaper suck up water fully. See the last image. But dont fill up to the top, Its only a Diaper its only sucks up to its capacity.

Have some stock of diaper in hand to prank lot of peoples.

Step 5: Its Time to Invite Ur Friend

When ur friend arrive, pour water in side the mug while talking (Fill few amount of water in front of them). If he is get ready for some think it works more.

Step 6: See Some Crazy Smile

Suddenly Act like pouring water over them. They surely get prank. Try this its harm less and in few second he shows u a cut smile with small punch............................

Note: Don't fill to much water....

Do this and comment what your experience.

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