Introduction: Injection Molding Machine

This year we have made a injection mold machine for a schoolassessment. we were devided into groups of 3 persons. My teammates JOREN SABBE and RUBEN WENSINK. Why did we choose to make this machine? In school there is a lot of polystyrene waste that comes from the thermoform machine. Before this machines the waste was picked up and transported away to anonther recycle facility. At this time we decided to do something with the never ending waste.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

for this project you will need:

- (CNC milling machine)

- Welding machine

- Angle grinder

- Turningtable

- Drill

- Bending machine

- Metal saw

- Steel profile:

A1: 2x (25mmx25mmx400mm)

A2: 4x (25mmx25mmx350mm)

A3: 2x (25mmx25mmx190mm)

A4: 2x (25mmx25mmx230mm)

A5: 3x (25mmx25mmx50mm)

A6: 1x (25mmx25mmx130mm)

A7: 1x (25mmx25mmx1000mm)

A8: 2x (25mmx25mmx1200mm)

A9: 2x (25mmx25mmx600mm)

A10: 1x (25mmx25mmx180mm)

A11: 1x (25mmx25mmx230mm)

B1: 2x ( 25mmx25mmx290mm)(45°)

B2: 2x (25mmx25mmx180mm)(45°)

- steel axis:

A1: Ø 10mm x 130mm

A2: Ø 10mm x 90mm

A3: Ø 10mm x 40mm

Ø 19.6mm x 900mm

- metal tube:

Ø 27mm x800mm inner Ø 20mm

- 5x 25*30mm Rvs Band Heater 220V

- 2x rocker switch 230v

- 2x junction box 100mmx100mmx60mm

- 3x steel pipe clamps to weld on the frame

- 1x power plug with 2m of wire

- 1x hydraulic jack

- 2m electrical wire

- LCD display

- tm902c LCD k-type thermometer

- battery pack holder for a power of 1.5V

Step 2: Assembly Frame

For the frame you use the profile number from step 1 and weld them together as shown in the first and second picture of this step (step2).

Step 3: Assembly Heated Pipe

1. Drill a hole with a 20mm drill in the side of the pipe 500mm from the bottom

2. Remove all the burrs.

3. Shove the steel axis into the steel pipe ( if it does not fit use the turning table to reach the right diameter).

4. Pull it back out and take the band heaters.

5. Tighten them up and around the steel pipe, put all electric connection to the same side.

6. Weld the steel pipe clamps on the frame to connect the steel pipe to the frame.

7. In the juction boxes you make 1 hole in each box so you can put the rocker switch trough it.

8. Connect the wire with the power plug to 1 of the rocker switch that is in the juction box.

9. Connect all band heaters to eachother with the electrical wire in parallel.

10. Connect the parallel circuit to the power switch.

11. Connect the battery pack to the lcd k-type thermometer and connect this circuit to the second rocker switch.

12. Make a hole en the other juction box for the LCD screen of the thermometer and put the thermometer itself close to the pipe.

Step 4: Mold

you can screw every mold on this machine you can make. Here is an example of our mold we used for this assessment.

Step 5: Final Result

In these results we used ABS, PTFE, PS in al different colours.