Ink Tube Shooter

Introduction: Ink Tube Shooter

this is an ink tube shooter i made out of a normal BIC pen. this is my 3rd instructable. please comment

Step 1: Dismantle the Pen

Ok Welcome to my 3rd instructable. Now i shall teach you how to make a Pen Ink Shooter. this is good for useage at school because if the teacher takes it, you can make another one in like 2 minutes. please don't shoot someone in the face or head. because this stuff hurts. the pen tip is dull but it still kinda hurts. it won't make you bleed though.

first you must get an average BIC pen and a rubber band. we will use the rubber band later. you can throw away the cap and the back part of the pen. by the bottom part i mean the little cap that covers the back of the pen. this pen barrel is hollow. for the back you might need to use pliers (preferably needle-nose) to take it out.

then take out the ink tube. just bite the little brownish part on the tip of the pen and pull if you don't have long nails. leave the little black thing at the top. if you don't it will be a bit harder to shoot.

now stick the bottom of the ink tube into the end of the barrel without the black thing like in picture 3.

it should now look like picture 4.

Step 2: Holding the Ink Shooter

Now i shall tell you how to hold the ink shooter. first take your index and middle finger and hold the barrel with the ink tube in the mid section of the index and middle finger. now take the rubber band and put it around the barrel of the pull down the side of the rubber band that isn't touching your fingers. then put the rubber band on the back of the ink tube and pull both of them back. let go to shoot. i have showed a few pictures here to show you the critical parts on how to hold it. notice on how the rubber band goes around near your finders and the front of the barrel, and the part where you pull the rubber band back.

Step 3: Viola!!!

Now your Ink Shooter is finito, done, finished. congratulations to whoever made this. please comment of how i did. thank you.

oh and theres also a picture showing how i shot through a can of Mug root beer. YUM!! XD

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I made it with a different type of BIC pen-Clear-it went really fast. Take 5 toothpicks,load one as if were ink tube, then shoot.This should not be shot at people unless you made point flat,still not in head,face or throat. The other four are just so you can reload without retrieving the one you shot also you can tie fishing wire to ink tube/toothpick and pull string back to retrieve and reload,Al ready again. Again another great Instructable.


    14 years ago

    There's already like 5 of these already. Gawd.


    Reply 14 years ago

    no some are the same like mine like 1. some are click pens. some are mechanical pencils. trust me, everyone of them are special in their own way. lol